Like you, I thought incest was the ultimate taboo. I never dreamed I would end up fucking my uncle.

Growing up my Uncle Steve was one of my best friends. He was only five years older than me, and our relationship was more like brother and sister than niece and uncle. Uncle Steve taught me how to ride a bike and how to drive. Steve was so much more than my uncle. He was my brother and dearest friend. When I was with Uncle Steve, incest never crossed my mind.

Things started to change when I was about 12. It was little things; Steve would make comments about my tiny tits and my first training bra. When we were alone, he would wonder out loud if I was going to grow juicy DD tits like my mom. Once when we were driving, he asked me if I had started getting hair on my pussy. I took it all in stride and laughed. Steve was always making dirty jokes and checking out the ladies. So when he made jokes about my tits or reached out and tried to squeeze my nipples when I was young, I took it all as a joke.

When I was 16, Steve picked me up and took me to my first college party. I had my first real drink that night. Since I was a lightweight in the drinking department, it didn’t take long for me to get drunk. My head was spinning, but I was the life of the party. I danced all night, flirting with all of the hot college guys. No matter how crazy it got, I knew nothing would happen to me with my Uncle Steve around. By the end of the night, neither Steve or I was in any condition to drive home. Knowing that my parents would have a fit if Steve brought me home drunk, we decided to take a cab to a nearby hotel.

After we checked into the room, I drunkenly started taking off of my shirt. “Nice to see that you have nice big tits like your mom,” Steve said. “Fuck off Steve!”, I laughed. “Quit being a perv.” We both laughed as Steve started to get undressed. As I got out of my jeans, I could feel Steve’s eyes on me. Tonight wasn’t the first time Uncle Steve had seen me in my bra and panties, but this time it was different. He wasn’t looking at me like his niece or his kid sister. Steve was staring at me like a man who wants to fuck. I tried to ignore the way he was looking at me and get into bed. As I bent over to crawl into bed, Steve walked up behind me and grabbed me around my waist. He pulled me close and began grinding his hard cock into my ass. I turned to pull away, sitting on the bed in drunken shock. Before I could say anything, Steve pulled out his thick, veiny cock and began stroking himself. “Have you ever seen a cock like this before?” he asked. My mouth fell open gobsmacked. I had seen cocks before, mostly in porn or guys at school but this was different. I knew it was wrong; it goes without saying that incest is wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. The sight of his thick, wet, throbbing cock made my mouth water. Before I knew it, he was pushing my head down, and I had Steven’s cock in my mouth.

As I sucked his cock, Steven reached down and pulled my tits out of my bra. Pinching and fondling my hard nipples. “I’ve been thinking about this since you were 12.” Steve moaned as my tongue slid down the shaft of his cock. Steve slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and laid me back on the bed. He knelt down to slide my wet panties off. The room was still spinning. I wanted to say something. I wanted to tell him that incest is a horrible thing, that I was scared. What if he got me pregnant?! I didn’t want to have a two-headed, inbred, incest baby! But I couldn’t force the words out of my mouth. The next thing I remember was his fat cock pushing its way inside of my pussy. Instead of pushing him off of me, I found myself opening my legs wider to take all of my Uncle Steve’s cock deeper inside of me. It didn’t take long for Uncle Steve to find my G-Spot. A hot wave of pleasure washed over me as my pussy squirted on his cock. Seconds later, I felt his cock explode as hot cum shot inside of my open cunt. Steve pulled out and fell asleep next to me. I laid on the bed, his cum dripping out of my pussy, knowing that my Uncle Steve has given me my first orgasm.

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