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Together, we’ll make you the best girl you can be! Ever since you can remember, you’ve always ached to explore your femininity. After you’ve read all about everything that my ultimate sissy training program has to offer, I guarantee that your sissy cravings will build to a fever pitch, sexy girl. Don’t believe me? Read on!

Anyway, just thinking about training you totally drenches my panties! Speaking of panties; I just adore them, don’t you? Even better, I’d adore training you in all things, sissy! With that in mind, I’ve written you a special letter!

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Dear Future Sissy:

Obviously, you’ve been dreaming about what it would be like to be a sissy because you’re reading this! Have you also thought about becoming a FEMALE, 24/7? Is there a sexy, ultra-feminine girl buried deep inside you who is just aching to be set free? Your Kinky Goddess Angel knows just what you need. Because there are many kinds of sissies, and that requires individualized, highly-effective training methods.

No “cookie-cutter,” boring sissy training here, no Ma’am! So, let’s face it, Sissy. You’re seeking an intelligent young Mistress who will pinpoint your individual feminization needs. Next, I’ll create a specialized sissy training program to help you learn all about your feminine side. And lastly, I’ll inspire you to transform yourself into the girliest girl you can be!

The Ultimate Sissy Training Program, Step 1:  What kind of sissy are you?

If you don’t already know, this Goddess will help you discover exactly who you are. Are you a crossdressing sissy? Or even more, perhaps you’re simply aching to become the most feminine girl possible, makeup perfectly applied and wearing the prettiest, most girly outfits?

Ultimately, are you a submissive who craves sissy maid training? Let’s push those sissy sub-limits, shall we? I delight in owning pretty little sissy house slaves who will do *anything* to serve my pleasure.  Perhaps you’re dreaming of being a sissy cuckold to me and my alpha male, BBC boyfriend Jayden.

Oh yes, my BBC alpha male extraordinaire will USE the fuck out of you. Are you’re ready, slut?

If you’ve called me for ultimate sissy training before now, you’ve probably heard me tell you all about him, right? Either way, you’re going to want to kneel next to my other sissy cuckolds as you wait for my bull and I use to you for our pleasure!

How deliciously humiliating, sissy girl!

Maybe you’re a wanton sissy whore above all else, needing your Mistress to pimp you out for her entertainment. Of course, first, you’ll need to practice your sissy cocksucking skills. Then, it’ll be time for you to learn what it’s truly like “to take it up the ass,” don’t you think? Or shall we say, deep in your sissy cunt?

So many sissies, so little time!

I have SO many ultimate sissy training program sessions that I could tell you about. After all, boys (ahem, girls!) graduating from Mistress Angel’s Ultimate Sissy Training Program have reached the pinnacle of perfect sissy feminization.

Speaking of time, there’s no need for further delay. Start living your best sissy life now. Isn’t it time you experienced everything my ultimate sissy training program has to offer? Call my sissy phone sex hotline NOW.

💞 Talk to you soon, pretty girl! 💞

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