Ultimate Sissy Boy Lessons That Has You Creaming Your Pink Panties!

All it takes for me is one look. One look, and I can tell you need my ultimate sissy boy lessons. Of course, you may not be ready to hear that, but it is the truth.

Everything about you is screaming; put me in pretty pink panties. Additionally, it would be best if you had guidance from a strong girl like me. Now, others are not seeing it, but I do.

It is just one of my many skills. I can see early on the panty or sissy boy inside men. Often long before they even know it themselves. Of course, that is fun for me and hard for them.

Not everyone is ready for my ultimate sissy boy lessons.

However, in time, they all come back to me when they realize I am right. Seriously, I am always right. It is this quirky gift I have and use all the time. It does tend to upset those not ready.

Consequently, I don’t believe that it is my fault. I am telling them to help them and prepare them for who they really are. Fuck, dumbass men thinking they know better than me.

Then, knock knock, can you please give me your ultimate sissy boy lessons? You are right; I truly want to wear beautiful satin pink panties and suck big cocks. Well, yes, you do!

All the cock you miss out on for not listening when I first tell you.

Of course, now that you are here, we can start the training. I am going to get you fully ready to be the best panty boy on the block. Maybe even in the city and state.

Those dicks are going to line up for your amazing skills when we are done. Not only will you know all the best ways of cock sucking, but you will be the prettiest panty boy around.

With my ultimate sissy boy training, I am going to teach you all about lingerie. The best of the best and the cheap as well. If you want to impress, you must dress the part.

So, are you ready to show off your attributes, little bitch?

Show me how you walk. Oh, shit, that is awful. We are going to have to work on that for sure. You lumber like a bear walking towards its prey. I need to sashay like a diva, baby.

You want the men to swoon over those hips and ass cheeks of yours. You have great glutes, and your panties will be accentuating them. The walk will also bring all the boys to the yard.

Our ultimate sissy boy lessons will take a bit more than expected, but that is okay. Now, follow me this time and walk as I do. Well, as best as you can, sweetie. Hahaha.

Okay, let’s work on your cock sucking instead for today’s ultimate sissy boy lessons.

This is my friend, Derek, and he is going to be our guinea pig today. Don’t be so nervous. I want you to take his cock in your hand like this. Now, you do it. Oh, very good.

Next, start licking from the base to the head. Oh, my, you are really good at this. Go ahead and take the entire shaft into your mouth. Mmmm…Derek is moaning. I guess we can mark sucking cock off our list of lessons as a success.

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