Sissy Cuckold Party – Wild Little Cuck Gets What He Deserves!

Who here can say that they have had the most exciting and wild sissy cuckold party ever? This girl! Last night I had the wildest time ever. The poor pathetic little cuck was wetting his panties just looking at the size of the deliciously thick and enormous black cocks that lay in front of him.

I will have you soaking wet with just one touch!

I smiled while examining the deliciously perfect looking men in front of me. Their bodies were built and lean but not too muscular that the veins popped out, and boy did they look yummy! I eagerly put my hands on each of their rock-hard cocks, soaking up each and every stroke.

Then, I smirk, looking at you, yes you. You know, the sad little cuck in the corner wearing my pink satin panties. Yes, I had just had fun dressing you up specifically for this event, my little slut. So why don’t you crawl over to me and kiss the ground I walk on while begging me to let you do what you love in the end.

You know you love slurping out my creampies, especially at a sissy cuckold party!

Eagerly, you crawl over to me, kissing my feet and calling me your goddess. I am happy that you know your place among these gods, that’s right, on your knees kissing our feet and begging for our cum.

Slowly I take my clothes off, piece by piece, watching as the big black cocks throb and leak pre-cum in anticipation of what’s to come. As I slide off my skirt, I notice that one of my yummy men is becoming Impatient, so naturally, I go slower and giggle.

Suddenly, he pushes me up against the wall while thrusting his monstrous cock into my soaking wet tight little cunt. I moan in pleasure as all the men are now all over me, touching every part of my bare body. As he is trailing kisses down my neck to my tits, another man slides between me and the wall and thrusts his succulent cock into my ass.

I moan in surprise as he enters me, manhandling me like the beast he is!

You moan at my feet as you watch the precum leak out of their cocks and into me. I smile then pat you on the head, patience. My pet, you will get your creamy reward soon enough.

You are sitting pretty in my pink satin panties at my sissy cuckold party, waiting for the deliciousness to begin when suddenly one of the men bends you over the bed and starts to fuck your ass. Oh, you didn’t know you would be enjoying some more benefits of my sissy cuckold party? Well, of course, as always, I aim to please.

I watch in pleasure as he pounds your ass roughly, then squirts his creamy juices into you. At that exact moment, the two men inside of me grunt loudly before releasing an explosion of salty sticky goodness.

As my cuckold party comes to a sticky and cream-filled end, you are where you belong. Filled with cum between my legs, lapping up the cum, cleaning me thoroughly.

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