Date Night: The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience ends with an orgasm. It begins with a slow seduction of the mind. I open my ears and listen to you babe. Let’s talk. I want us to make mindgasms first and allow the orgasms to follow. Well babe the night is ours…We can Netflix and chill or PornHub and chill. I am that type of girl babe. What I don’t know about sports I would be glad to learn from you. Are you an intellectual guy? I can walk down that path with you. I am very well read too.. There are so many twists and turns the night holds but the ending is still the same- the earth shattering orgasm is the goal… I know we all get tired of a drive-thru fuck and desire something more meaningful.

Let’s get deep babe. Let’s make love and not engage in just a fuck. I want to know you for who you are not just your orgasms. Whatever it is babe. however deep you want to go. I am here to descend the deepest depths with you. What more can a man ask for a woman who wants to know all your favorite thing and then do her favorite thing by indulging in your cock. We will take our time babe. I will lick and tease your cock and then make passion love to you as I play in your hair and gaze at you infinitely. When it is our time no one else is on my mind. All my attention belongs to you. I will never pretend that I am listening because I always am.

I want to please you and fulfill your needs.

Do you need a tender love and care escape. Saige is your girl for a date. Let’s explore our minds and bodies babe…. I am ready to give you the passion, love  and tender ear that you need and when then mindgasms end I will gladly get on my knees. Release your stress in my mouth babe. I am ready!! This is not your ordinary GFE-Girlfriend experience.


Do you love to make love and not just fuck?

Do you need some undistracted girlfriend experience time?

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