It’s time for you to have the ultimate girlfriend experience

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is go home to your wife. Who wants to come home to someone who is just going to tell you to take out the garbage. After a long hard day, you need the ultimate girlfriend experience, you need me. I’m your naughty little secret that is here to take all of your stress away.

When you come to the door, I answer wearing a fitted tank top and a tiny pair of boy shorts. I know how much you like to see my tits and ass when you come to the door. I stand on my tiptoes to give you a kiss and you can feel my hard nipples pressing against you. The smell of a thick, juicy steak wafts through the air. While you make yourself comfortable on the sofa, I head into the kitchen to get you a beer and put the finishing touches on dinner. As we did into our steaks and cocktails, you tell me about your day. I listen intently, offering sympathy, empathy, and advice when asked for. I don’t nag and I don’t fuss. The whole point of the evening is to give you a place where you feel like a man. When you’re with me I want you to feel like you are the king of the castle.

Everything I do tonight is designed to give you the stress-free girlfriend experience you need.

When we’re done eating, I clear the dishes while you head back into the living room to watch the game and enjoy another beer. As you sip your beer I sit on the sofa next to you and begin massaging your neck and back. I can feel the tension starting to leave your body. Poor baby, it’s been such a long day, I think you need more than a back rub to relieve your stress. I lean across you, unbutton your pants, and begin stroking your cock. I start stroking you slowly so that I can savor the feeling of you getting hard in my hands.

When the first few drops of pre-cum start to pump out of your cock, I let go and let you take over stroking duty. Standing in front of you, I take off my tank top and show you my beautiful round tits and hard pink nipples. I lean forward shoving my tits into your face and rubbing my nipples against your lips. I love the way your mouth feels on my tits. Then I tilt my head back and moan as you take my nipples into your mouth. I pull my tits away from your mouth, drop to my knees and open my mouth. Without prompting, you begin to jerk your cock off onto my tongue. You firmly grab the back of my head, leaning me back and sliding your cock deep into my throat. I gag, and my eyes begin to water as I slide my tongue up and down the shaft of your cock.

I love being your dirty cock sucking girlfriend.

It’s difficult, but I pull myself away from your cock and stand up. I turn my back to you, bend over and take off my boy shorts. I want you to see my ass and my dripping wet pussy. As I bend over, you spread my ass cheeks apart and begin tongue fucking my ass. I love the way it feels when you rim my tight pink asshole. I bend over further grabbing my ankles so that you can dip your tongue into my sweet, wet snatch; my fingers sliding between my legs and rubbing my swollen clit. Your mouth feels so good on me. My legs begin to shake as you slide 2 fingers into my wet hole. You can feel my pussy quivering around your fingers as brush against my g-spot.

You slide back into your chair, grabbing my hips and pulling me on top of you. Your cock slides easily into my hungry pussy. I lean back and kiss you as you cup my tits and pound into my pussy. My juices and dripping down your cock and balls as your cock throbs with each thrust. My pussy opens wide to take every inch of you inside of me. I love feeling the way my pussy wraps around you. I’m trying to hold out, but you’re just too much. I let out a deep guttural moan as my cum explodes on your cock. I’m still bouncing on your cock and trying to catch my breath as you shoot a hot load of cum into me. We collapse back into the chair. Your cum slowly dripping out of my pussy. I slide my fingers inside and scoop out some of you thick, sticky cum and suck it off of my fingers. You leave my apartment drained and satisfied.

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