Uber Eats Driver: She Ate My Pussy As I Ate My Dinner

Uber Eats driver ate my pussy! I couldn’t believe that someone did this… like, we’re all in quarantine and I just couldn’t resist a good pussy licking. I’ve been lonely as hell.

So, one afternoon I log out of work and look in my kitchen for something to eat. But, nothing even sounded good to me. I just sat down and played Animal Crossing for a bit and didn’t think about eating for that time. And then the hunger crept up on me.

I sat there staring at my phone, debating on whether or not I wanted to order food, and finally, I just gave in. I picked up my phone and went to the Uber Eats app to find some good food. And so I click on the button for Panda Express, a favorite of mine. I looked through the menu and ordered double orange chicken, half chow mein, half fried rice, and some teriyaki chicken, and cream cheese Rangoon.

Then I paid for my meal but didn’t leave a tip for my driver because like, I wasn’t even thinking, I was just that hungry. And so I sit back and wait for my order to show up. I keep looking to the app to see where my driver was and it seemed she was taking a really long time to get my food. So, did she really even deserve a tip?

Soon enough she was on her way and I waited by my front door to greet her since I hadn’t seen another person in days. She pulls up and rather angrily knocks on my door. I answer and she sighs and says “Here you go.” I say “Thanks… sorry for not tipping.”

She looks at me, staring daggers my way.

I ask her “Would you like me to get my wallet? I might have a few bucks in there.” She then busts through my door and sits on my couch. A bit shocked, I sat my food down and ask her “Is everything alright?”

She then says “No. Everything is not alright. I want my fucking tip.” I blink and was taken aback by the rudeness of her mouth. I sit down next to there and say “Look, I’m sorry. But, I just didn’t think it would be THAT big of a deal.”

She looks at me and puts her hand on the back of my head and kisses me, deeply. I jerk back but she pulls me back in. She was pretty strong for someone who was an Uber Eats driver. But, soon I just melt right into it.

What was wrong with having a little fun? I haven’t been fucked in weeks so I should do it if she’s offering… or forcing me, whatever. She shoves her hand up my skirt and starts feeling my pussy.

I moan a little and she gets on the floor and pulls off my panties. Then she hands me my food from the coffee table and says “Eat while I eat.” I didn’t argue with her and just sat with my legs spread and just ate my Panda Express. She shoved her tongue into my little wet pussy.

My pussy had been wet from the long day of taking calls at work.

And I was ready to be fucked by anyone, really. And she just happened to be the one that I did it with! She sucked my little clit and tongue fucked my hole and tongue punched my fartbox. I was in absolute heaven, seriously!

Her warm mouth felt so good on my pussy and I had not felt another person on me in quite a few weeks since this quarantine started. And soon enough I could feel myself getting ready for an explosive orgasm. She gripped my thighs and really went to town on my pussy, slurping and sucking and lapping. And boom… explosion.

I came so hard that I squirted onto her face and my couch. It was so hot! She got up, wiped her face, and said “Thanks. I’ll be on my way.”  I just sat there, mouth agape. And thought wow, like, that was even hotter than my sexy bath time with my friend. So, if you ever need a good fuck try an Uber Eats driver!

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