Uber Driver Doesn’t Know That I Masturbated While We Were In Traffic

Uber drivers have to pay attention to the road at all times! Otherwise, there would be an accident and they could get a really bad star rating. Well, let me tell you a little story about how I got horny and masturbated in the back of my Uber ride. My driver had no idea.

So, I went to the casino that’s about half an hour away from my house a few nights ago. And I got pretty drunk after I lost some money and it’s pretty late so I get myself an Uber ride home since I am way too drunk to drive. I can get my car in the morning with a ride from my cousin or something. And I stumble my drunk ass to the parking lot to wait.

I could feel myself getting more horny by the second and I just need to rub one out as soon as possible. Within 10 minutes my ride shows up and I hop in the back. My Uber driver is SUPER hot and young… and his car smells like pina colada.

We talk for a few minutes about my night and his as he drives and then we hit a traffic jam! Apparently, there is a pretty bad accident up ahead and cars have been waiting for about 20 minutes already. He sighs and says “Well, hopefully, no one was badly hurt.” And then we start talking about everything.

He tells me about how he is dating and can’t seem to find a good girl around here.

I tell him “Yep! And they always say there are more fish in the sea but you know what the sea is also filled with? TRASH.” He laughs. And I cannot stop looking at his side profile from the backseat.

My pussy gushes. I feel my panties get instantly soaked and so I scoot to the seat behind him. I’m pretending I’m looking at the stars on that side of the car. I pull my panties off and stuff them in my purse.

He is singing along to the radio and all I can think about is his cock inside of my wet little cunt. I start to rub my clit and finger myself at the same time with my other hand. He keeps stopping every now and then to talk to me. And I just keep on flickin’ ye ol’ bean.

I can just imagine how good he must feel sucking on my thick pussy lips. Making sure they’re super wet before he slips inside. His fat cock popping into my pussy making me moan. And cars all around, honking for us to move up.

He starts singing a song that is super bassy and I can almost feel the vibrations.

His voice is almost vibration my body and I close my eyes. I imagine him in between my legs just thrusting in and out. Making my body quiver with pleasure. And his brow getting sweaty from how much of a pounding I can take.

My body starts rocking and he asks what’s going on. I laugh and say that I had an itch and am scratching it pretty vigorously. He says okay and laughs. I continue to rub and finger my cunt.

I know very well that I am going to cum very soon. And I can feel that it’s going to be a bit of a squirt. But, I don’t care! If they ban me from Uber, who gives a fuck.

I keep going faster and faster. He turned up the music to hear a song and sing louder so he couldn’t hear me at all. I am moaning like a gentle little ghost in the backseat. Seriously, I am so drunk that I do not care.

And right when the chorus hits for the last time of the song I squirt. Just a little bit onto his leather seats. And I smile at his reflection. He smiles back and I quickly try and wipe up my wet spot with my panties.

We are finally out of the traffic and get to my place. I step out and give him 5 stars because he was so hot. I hope I get another ride from him again soon!

Maybe I’ll get another cum filled pussy from an Uber driver like the last time…

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