morning wood

Are You Still in bed? Is your cock big and hard already under your sheets? mmm morning wood is such a turn on. Imagine that I was the girl you picked up last night. We were both a little drunk and we ended up going home together. I am naked lying in your bed, sleeping. You seYour cock is aching and you want to wake me up, but you are not sure if you should. You don’t even know me. I role over and smile, looking down at the hard stiff rod. I reach my hand down and touch the head of your cock. It feels so good in my hand- so strong and smooth. I know where it would fit nice and tight.

“Good Morning Sunshine” I whisper in your ear. I crawl on top of you. You can feel how wet I am already. Warm, soft and so needing your cock. I am always turned on in the morning and your stiff cock makes me need you inside of me. Fuck me hard baby. Fuck me every morning.

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sara on bed w vibrator in mouth

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