Strap on play can be so hot!

   I wasn’t planning on using my Strap on but a few weeks ago I got a male sex doll so I could have something to play with whenever the boyfriend was out of town. The doll is only a torso with an eight inch dick so it’s basically the perfect man. It turns out that my boyfriend agrees with me. I came home from work early because I was feeling a bit tired and found my boyfriend in the bedroom.

  He was kneeling on the bed and fucking the sex doll’s asshole. That woke me up.

He didn’t know I was there and was in a world of bliss. He was gripping the doll around the waist and was pounding it. It must have felt good because he was biting his lip and moaning. I wondered how long he had been fucking my Toy doll instead of using his hand or fleshlight and if I could get him to fuck a real guy’s asshole one day. That was something to suggest to him later on and I made a mental note.

I watched for a few minutes, feeling myself get wet. I slipped my hand down my jeans and fingered myself. My clit was throbbing and I rubbed it until I couldn’t wait anymore.

  I wanted in on the action so I went to the dresser to get my strap on.

My boyfriend heard me and looked up startled. You could tell he really wanted to keep going but didn’t think he should. He started mumbling some excuse but I told him to keep going because I wanted to have some fun too.

He wasn’t sure if I was serious or not so I showed him how wet my fingers were and he started to fuck the doll again.

  He started moaning while I got undressed, grabbed my strap on and slid it on. I lubed it up and got behind my boyfriend. I bent him forward and began pushing into him. He tensed up as it started going in and I rubbed his back to help him relax. He did and I managed to get it all in him.

I gave him a minute to get used to the feeling then started to slowly push in and out.

He began to fuck the doll at the same pace I was fucking him. He pushed into the doll then leaned back against me as he pulled out.

Every time he pushed back I pushed deeper into him.

I found his prostate and he let out a deep groan. I moved faster and harder. He tensed and pushed into the doll, cumming. While he was hunched over and cumming I gave him a few last extra hard thrusts against his prostate. I pulled out of my boyfriend as he pulled out of the doll.

     He lay down beside it as I got off the bed and took off the strap on. I got back on the bed and straddled my boyfriend, rubbing my wet pussy against him. I told him that I hadn’t cum yet and that he got to choose if I used him, the doll or the dildo to get off. He told me I have three dicks to choose from and I have three holes, why not use all of them?

My boyfriend’s a genius.