Two heads are better than one – sometimes.  <wicked lil laugh> Men have the upper hand when it “cums” to certain things, so they think.  This is where the problem starts – once they start thinking – they can’t stop.  I understand it’s not easy being a man – especially when your urges get the best of you.  They creep up on you at the most inappropriate times.  You can’t help it when your imagination gets the best of you. The thoughts go spiraling around in your head and you lose control.  Men are always thinking with both heads instead of one. It’s a proven fact that men think about sex every seven seconds (around 8,000 times a day!) That’s an all day – everyday activity that MOST men can NOT Pass up. How do you ever get anything done? I know, it’s time to face the truth — you have a weakness for masturbation. There’s nothing wrong with making yourself feel good. I do it – you do it – we all do it!!!!

This is where the pleasure begins for me! Your weakness is my strength. My hypnotic voice will allow you to explore all your wild fetish and fantasy needs. Let’s start with some JOI – Jerk Off Instruction! You already do it all the time, let me add some spice to the fun. Masturbating can be so much more exciting with a little tease and denial. So let’s have some fun together. Let’s explore guided masturbation or mutual masturbation. Maybe you are curious about from wearing sexy lingerie, teasing yourself with a toy, or experimenting with being an exhibitionist. Experiment jerking off on cam for me. (Yahoo – Skype – AIM ) I would love to tempt and tease you to do very naughty things. We are almost there, we have the “cream” forming, now let’s add the cherry on top.

When you are ready to give yourself to me – call me.It’s time for me to take over your limited little world of cock stroking. Let’s get started on our own erotic adventures exploring your kinky taboo side. Would you like to explore exhibition play, mutual or guided masturbation with a touch of JOI? Edging and teasing you to push your boundaries. Allowing endless opportunities of pleasure. I love exploring all your fetish and fantasy needs – let’s make it real. Are you ready to explore your hidden fetish phone sex? What’s your wild fantasy — I love wild and naughty role-playing. As well as naughty talk that will trigger our inner pleasures to explode. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.



Kiss Kiss


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