Two girls really are better than one! Double your pleasure!

Two girls, one cock. Probably one of my earliest fantasies! And it started so simple. Just me and another girl and a guy going at it, hardcore. But of course it has grown and developed. There are so many things that can be done with those three players.

Like my very first experience with another girl, it was just me and another stripper, having fun with a customer. Getting busy on top of the hot tub lid. Only caring about the way her skin feels as opposed to his. The titillation of not knowing at first who it is touching you. That need to put your mouth on someone and not caring who it is and what part of them you are kissing, licking, sucking. The only goal was everyone’s pleasure. I know I was satisfied. And from the way her pussy spasmed around my finger and against my tongue, I know she was.

As for him, what guy wouldn’t love to have his cock licked and sucked by two girls at once?

Then comes the evolution. When the main goal stays the same but the specifics shift. The roles change and sometimes reverse. Like the time, my best friend Julie and my boyfriend at the time tied me up in my living room floor, naked and blindfolded and spent hours bringing me to multiple screaming, shaking, crying orgasms with no penetration. Only sensation play. You think you know the feel of a feather, the sharp cold of a steel blade and the bite of leather, but until you lose one of your senses, you have no idea.

And yet the fantasy can evolve again! This time, instead of me being the submissive one, I’ve become the dominant one. and this can go a couple of ways. I could team up with the man on this and make the other girl the submissive one. Or like a call I did with Katie, we could team up on you! Imagine being directed to do humiliating things and painful things by two girls! Our voices telling you how pathetic you are, sharing stories and agreeing that there is no way you could please either of us. In fact, we would be better off just fucking each other because at least we have tits!

No matter what your fantasy is, two girls rocking your cock is always better than one! So stop being scared. Go pick out one my sexy friends and then give me a call for Cheap Phone Sex!