I’m great at sex games

Twisted sex games are fun well for me they are anyways. Michael didn’t find my sex game so funny in the beginning but I think he’s gotten over it by now. I tied him up and teased him. As everyone knows I’m a bit of a control freak which is why the dominant role works best for me. Michael is more submissive and was looking to explore bondage and domination. Lucky me got to be the first to tie him to my bed but he was the one that said I could do ANYTHING I wanted to him. Careful what you wish for because you might just get it with me. I grabbed a blindfold after tying Michael to my bed. When you can’t see your other senses kick in allowing you to feel EVERYTHING more intensely.

For his sake I started simple. I used my tongue to tease his cock and my hand to stroke him. Every time Michael came close to cumming I removed my hand from his cock. His urges would die down and I’d start all over again with the tip of my tongue and hand. I slipped my tongue a little further down to his ass which made him freak. “Relax its just a little anal rimming” I told him. He relaxed and enjoyed the tease it gave him. Now Michael was ready for the real sex games to begin. I grabbed my butt plug and used it on Michael. When I straddled him he forgot about that plug.

I teased his cock with my pussy allowing only the head to enter me and then stopping. It was torture for us both but more so for Michael. I was getting all the enjoyment from watching him squirm and beg for hot sex. For a little while I continue to tease Michael with my pussy but I eventually couldn’t handle anymore and gave in. I came all over his cock but then quickly moved off him so I could go back to teasing him. I did warn you twisted sex games! Tease and denial is part of my twisted sex games but now I’m ready to play a sex game with you. Sex games for phone call me and we’ll play!

Kinky Kelsey