Who knew that this “routine” holiday would turn into a twisted family Spanksgiving to remember?

When we ended last time in this twisted family Spanksgiving tale, my mother had just demanded that I drop my panties at the holiday dinner table. I gulped, my face burning. Reaching underneath my skirt, I hooked my fingertips around either side of my pretty white bikini panties.

Then, I pulled downward, allowing the frothy bit of creamy lace to fall to the floor. Next, I stepped out of them. Finally, I carefully draped myself across my mother’s thighs. Of course, she flipped the hem of my skirt up over my waist. As she exposed me to the room, I burned with embarrassment … and something else.

Truth? I was about to be spanked and humiliated in front of everyone, and I’d never wanted it more.

As I laid bare-assed over my mother’s lap, everyone in the room watched avidly. “That’s a good girl,” Mama murmured. “Now then, tell the family why you’re being punished today.” I stammered again, “B-but I don’t KNOW why.” She laughed, and I shivered as she questioned matter-in-factly, “Shall we add extra swats for lying, little Angel?”

In reality, I *knew* exactly why I was about to receive the spanking of my life.  Mama must have caught my older brother Chase and me playing together.

Or maybe she read the secret sex story in my diary, how humiliating!

Clearly, I was NOT getting out of this one. Of course, Daddy and Chase weren’t helping one bit! Matter of fact, I could already see that their growing erections already tented out the front of their pants. I felt Mama’s warm hand, palming and squeezing each firm asscheek. I realized that Grandpa and one of my younger brothers had the perfect view of my already-drenched pussy. In effect, my twisted family Spanksgiving humiliation fantasies were about to become very REAL.

There was no avoiding the inevitable; I was definitely in trouble! Although I tried to clench my slim, toned thighs together, Mama stopped me with a few warning slaps to that inner flesh. I moaned breathlessly, “Because I’ve been playing with Chase.” To emphasize her point, she smacked me again as I writhed across her thighs. I groaned, “Without inviting you!”

Mama purred “That’s right. Now raise that beautiful ass for me, girl.”

With one hand pressed on my lower back to hold me in place, she began spanking my upturned bubble butt with light swats. Without delay, Mama increased the intensity, making me squeal and struggle. My ass was on FIRE! As a result, my older brother pulled his chair closer, unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants to free his raging hard-on. Even worse (or better?), Daddy unfastened his trousers too.

Chase pulled my face down over his massive, throbbing cock.

Groaning shamelessly with my ass burning almost unbearably and my sweet young pussy throbbing and glistening with need, I eagerly sucked on my elder brother’s rigid dick. In blurred glances, I realized that the rest of my family were rubbing or stroking themselves as they watched one of our hottest, most depraved family taboo thanksgiving stories unfold.

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