Twelve sexy lays of Christmas can be a tall order to fill; if, you haven’t been getting it in all year long! But, even if you have, lazy isn’t the way to go.  First, I like to begin mine backward; then, I slowly make my way through the sexy lays of Christmas.  Well, there’s 12 of them!  So, some organization is key.

Why do I start backward, you wonder? Because I like it Rough…THEN I like it Easy!  If I started at the beginning, I’d have little steam left by day 12.  Obviously, putting “Pussy Popping” 1st made more sense! That one needs little exxxplanation but, I’ll give you the visual, of me and my girls on the poles at the top Gentleman’s Club around!

In addition to the Pussy Popping at the club, there came 11 “Make It Rain” days and 10, “Public Sex”!  If the truth be told, in back rooms all over, there was 9 “Pegging Papa’s” and more than 8 “Shared Creampies” but, we’ll move on shall we?  Next, came at LEAST 7 “3-some Thursdays” and plenty more than 6 “Maids a Stripping”.

Of course, all in good fun, there’s always 5 “Marry Meeeeeee’s”;  that lead to 4 “Thigh-high Dates”, 3 “Monster Cocks”, 2 Nipple Sucks (can’t leave those out! Hahaha) and a “Soft Caress to My CLITEEEEEE”!  What?  I don’t fuck around doing the same shit everyone else does!  I have to switch it up to get in my 12 Sexy Lays of Christmas.

Listen, Sweetie, when you’ve done as much butt fucking (and other types. LOL) as I have; you can’t waste time with doing it the same way every year!  Sexy Lays always cum out during the Holidays.

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