Naughty Twas the Night Before Christmas.

And All through the house. I was shaking and stirring unbuttoning my blouse.
My stockings tied around my ankles with care,
In hopes that my Daddy would soon take me there.

Laying there nestled all snug in his bed ,

With shiny metal handcuffs dangled above my head.

“Oh please” I begged him waiting for more

When I heard the sound of a knock at my door

“I have a surprise for you” Daddy whispered with glee

Cuffing my hands so I couldn’t break free

I want you to meet my friend  Nick from work

Now open your mouth while I give his cock a jerk,

I obeyed and Nick pushed his self in

Blowing his load as quick as a Flash

Leaving long strings of cum on my Chin

“It’s time to begin” Daddy told me as he went our stash

He pulled out some clamps for my nipples and a ball gag for my mouth

While his own headed down south

I almost screamed with delight

As Daddy started to bite

“Let’s see how much you can take in” Daddy said as Nick Climbed on the bed

Then They Both pushed in their heads

And gave a great shove

One on bottom and one above

My tight wet pussy filled up to the brim

I watched as my daddy kissed him

Working a rhythm

They both knew just what to do

Pulling up my hips as I started to Quake

I didn’t know how much more I could take

When all through my body I felt everything tighten

 Making all the lights on the tree brighten

 Before everything went hazy,  daddy screamed

“We aren’t done with you baby!”

 Merry Christmas!