For those of you who read the little story about my 1st time getting felt up by a doctor..
Here’s the 2nd part of that story. The thing is, as much as I wanted to keep seeing that doctor, I didn’t need any physicals after 7th grade. They didn’t bother with them the year after that.. and I moved states after middle school! I left Los Angeles to go almost all the way across the country.. So, sadly, I didn’t think I’d ever see him again, even if he was the first man to give me an orgasm, and play with my pussy better than I could!

But.. here’s the thing. I never forgot him. The memory stayed lingering in my fantasies sometimes, and as soon as I got through with school, a little college, and saved up a little money, I went back to my hometown for a visit! And of course, that doctor was on my to-do list 😉 This time, the tables were going to be turned. I was going to come back to rock his world.. So I made sure to go through my old paperwork to find his name on the files, and I called up the old clinic..but he didn’t work there anymore. So I Googled around a little (thank god for that!) and found the sexy, perverted doctor again.. and I made an appointment, specifically with him. He probably didn’t even remember my name on the books anymore.. it was just one appointment out of the thousands of clients he’d ever had..
But when I showed up that day, I was going to make him remember my name. I did all the routine stuff and waited on the desk for a little while. I made sure to wear my college cheer uniform, just in case that triggered his memory, and I crossed my legs as I waited, showing a little thigh. And when he walked in, there was no doubt about it, I could feel a little tingle in my pussy 😉 It was the same doctor from 7th grade. He looked a little happily surprised, but I figured it was just because of the skimpy uniform.. So I started flirting a little more, leaning in to tease him a little more as he asked if I wanted a sexual checkup as well.. and that’s when I got off the table, pulling up my shirt and letting the little thing fall on the floor as I pushed him against the wall.
“You were the first guy to ever give me an orgasm..back in middle school when I needed a checkup,” I smirked, starting to pull off his coat. He didn’t fight back at all, still taking it all in. “I’m returning the favor.”
And with that..I slid down to my knees, pulling down his pants with a mischievous little smile and pulling his cock out through his boxers.. I hadn’t gotten to see it back then! But this time..Doctor wasn’t calling the shots – I was in control. And he was all mine. We played so much that day, on the chairs, on the desk, and even up on the examination bed. I even brought a vibrator to play with myself even more and show him just how wet I could get.. and a few other dirty little secrets.

Little girls grow up to be BAD..

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