Nipples are great for playing with.. They can be kissed, sucked on, teased, squeezed, & abused in SO many different ways! I love when a guy plays with mine and gives them a little pinch, a kiss.. and spends some time playing with them. But I didn’t know nippleplay could also turn guys on just as much!
Imagine my happy surprise when I realized there was an entire list of things I could do to torture and tease my sub with when I realized I could abuse his little nipples.. I went crazy with it! I got out the nipple clamps from my little stash (he knows better than to go play in my I lock them up for his protection.) and I got right to it! I tied him up nice & tight and started teasing him at first, locking his cock up in a CB so that he couldn’t do much with it. I teased it a little so he could feel the CB get tight around him when he started growing a little..and then I got to work.
It started off light – teasing it with a little feather, leaning in and kissing it softly, driving him to the edge with licking, and pressing my lips against it from time to time.. And then I got the nipple clamps on him, and he kind of jumped a little at the new feeling of having his nipples clamped for a change. I could tell he secretly liked it – his cock got just a little harder. He liked the abuse!
I don’t blame him..nippleplay can be very effective. So many nerve endings in one place, to touch, tease, please, and abuse..

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