Tonight I’m going to turn you into my personal human puppy slave, daddy!

Do you want to know why I’m turning you into my human puppy slave? Well, I’m sick of hearing you tell me no for one thing! I’ve been asking you for a puppy of my own for months now and you still won’t let me get one! It’s not like Mom cares, she always works the night shift anyway. You just wanna hold it over my head, don’t you? Come to think of it, you’re constantly following me around like an eager little puppy dog begging for my attention and details about my latest date.

So, I’ve decided if you won’t get me a puppy, you’ll be my human puppy slave! Now hand over your wallet daddy so I can go shopping for special puppy dog accessories for you. I’m back daddy, so strip down naked and get ready to be a puppy dog! I got a collar for you, and a mask with ears on it and even a butt plug tail *giggles*. You really do have to do this daddy, or else I’m gonna tell mommy that you’ve been stealing my dirty panties. I know it’s you! You’ve been sniffing them after my dates and doing dirty things with them.

I have a hidden camera in my room so I have lots of proof of what you’ve been up to. I don’t want to touch your dirty ass so you put the tail in daddy! Now let me hear you bark like a good puppy dog. Get that tail wagging and crawl on all fours. Puppies can’t walk on two feet like humans after all. You’re my human puppy slave now so start acting like it, daddy!

This crate is going to be your new sleeping spot!

No more comfy people bed for you. Now you have to go into your cage when it’s bedtime. You’re going to be stuck in there until I wake up and decide to let you out. Oh and you can forget about eating off plates now too, it’s only dog dishes for you and you have to lap it up with your tongue like a good boy. If you do a good job listening to your mistress, then I just might let you sniff me when I come home from dates.

You know from sniffing my dirty panties what I’ve been doing on my dates, don’t you puppy dog? That’s right, I’ve been a naughty girl, getting fucked and spending lots of time down on my knees. I hate condoms cause it just doesn’t feel the same if there isn’t that incredible skin sliding against skin sensation. So, that’s right I take lots and lots of hot sticky loads deep inside of me. You notice it trickling down my thighs from under my miniskirt, don’t you? I bet your mouth is watering right now. Does the puppy dog want a creamy treat? If you beg and whine nicely I just might let you have a lick.

Now that you’ve had dinner and a special doggy treat, it’s time to go for a walk. That’s right I have a special leash to attach to your collar. We’re going to walk around the neighborhood and see who we bump into. Aww, what’s the matter? Are you suddenly feeling embarrassed, puppy dog? You’re worried we’re gonna bump into some of my hot friends, aren’t you? Well, you should be worried! I told them we would be passing by soon and they just can’t wait to see your human puppy slave transformation!

Give a big woof and a wag of your tail while we pass my friends.

There’s no point in trying to be quiet. There’s no way for you not to draw attention to yourself. After all, how often do you see a human puppy walking down the street led by his daughter? Don’t forget when you have to potty, to lift your leg on a tree or a fire hydrant and if you have to poop it’s grass time! You didn’t really think I would let you use a toilet, did you? Are you shocked that your young teen cheerleader daughter isn’t so innocent after all? I don’t do anything halfway daddy and this isn’t any different. You’re completely at my mercy daddy and just wait till you see what humiliating things I come up with for you next!

Call me for extreme age play phone sex!

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke