Turning Him Into a Cocksucker

Do you know what a real achievement is? Making a straight guy love sucking cock so much that he can’t get enough of it. My sub Craig is one of those “I’m straight and sucking another guy’s dick is fucking gross.” type of guys and I just had to change his mind. I told him that he was going to have an attitude adjustment and he was going to like it. I had a friend, Bill, come over to help me. Bill was a leather daddy type, very masculine and he loved having his dick sucked by a cocksucker who was unwilling.

When both guys got to my place I had them get undressed and took a good look at them Bill was already rock hard, probably eager to feel Craig’s mouth on him while Craig was still soft. He wasn’t looking forward to this at all. I made Craig get down on his knees in front of Bill and he tried not to look at Bill’s dick which was right in front of his face. I wrapped my hand around Bill’s dick and said to Craig “See, this is what a real man looks like. I’d rather fuck this than that four inch stub you’ve got between your legs. Look at it, you can’t even get it up.”

I gave Bill’s dick a few strokes, teasing some pre-cum out of it and ordered Craig to lick it up.

Craig hesitated and I grabbed his hair, pulling him forward. He stuck out his tongue and gave the dick a quick lick. He scrunched his face up and I told him to man up. He was going to spend the next hour treating this dick like it was the best thing in the world.

I let go of Craig and he put his hand around Bill’s dick. He gave it a small stroke and Bill told him that he could do better than that. Craig gave it a longer, slower stroke, getting used to the feel of it and Bill moaned. Craig cupped Bill’s balls and gently squeezed them while he stroked him a bit faster. He then bent his head down and licked the tip of Bill’s dick. He moved his tongue around the head and stuck the tip in his mouth.

He sucked on it and Bill pushed his head down, shoving his dick deep in Craig’s mouth. He gagged as it hit the back of his throat, took a second to calm down then began to suck him again like a good cocksucker. Bill put his hand on his head and helped him get into a steady rhythm. A few minutes later Bill was moaning and Craig was getting hard. He stopped cupping Bill’s balls, reached down and started stroking himself while he kept sucking Bill’s dick.

He started making little groans of pleasure and moved his mouth faster on Bill.

It didn’t take long for Craig to cum and he shot his load all over himself. Bill had more self control. Craig put his cum covered hand on Bill’s ass and pulled him closer as he kept going. Bill was thrusting his hips forward and moaning when he suddenly groaned. He stayed still as Craig made little choking sounds as he tried to swallow Bill’s load.

Bill emptied himself inside Craig’s mouth then slowly pulled away. Craig looked at me with cum around his lips and a still semi-hard dick and said “Please Mistress, may we do that again sometime soon?”

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