It was so much fun turning him into my bi cuckold bitch!

I find it so very amusing when I get to turn a man into a bi cuckold bitch boy. It’s usually the men that protest the loudest that end up being bi. My husband is sadly lacking in the cock department. He makes great money though so I keep him around. He has always had such a cum phobia that it makes me laugh. Clearly, he was trying to cover up the fact that the taste of cum drives him absolutely crazy with lust. I decided to make it my mission to uncover the truth.

The first step in bringing out the bi side of him was to turn him into a cuckold. He knew that he wasn’t large enough to satisfy me the way that I needed so I played on that. Pointing out how inadequate he was made him feel guilty. He knew that I needed a bigger dick to be satisfied and to actually enjoy sex. Clearly, he couldn’t give that to me so it was time to find someone who could.

When he suggested it, he had no idea he would become my bi cuckold bitch.

He got so worked up seeing me down on my knees before a big black cock. There was no denying the lust and pleasure on my face as I worshiped it. Of course, I couldn’t help but notice that he was enjoying the sight a little more than to be expected. He was so turned on when I was freshly creamed that he didn’t even protest when I grabbed his face and shoved it in my cream pie.

Once I got him to do that, it didn’t take long before I had him acting as my fluffer. He absolutely loved sucking on those big black dicks and getting them rock hard and ready for me. Before long I even had him bending over and taking it up the ass like a good bitch.

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