Submissive is not normally my game, but he got me good with his mind games.

A submissive woman is furthest from what I usually am. I enjoy the game of tease and denial and then rocking his world, but only on my terms, but today was totally different.  I walked into work in my normal attire which always drives him wild. A tight sheer blouse that he could see my bra peek through, unbuttoned down just enough for the lace to peek over that last button. A tight short skirt, the hemline hanging just a few threads above the top of my thigh-high stockings. I purposely walked past his desk, stopped, and leaned over it. ‘I expect that report on my desk in about thirty minutes’, I told him, and walked away. One glance over my shoulder with a smirk, as he wiped his mouth as I walked away.

He came in promptly came in thirty minutes later and placed the report on my desk along with a little note. ‘What’s this?’ I asked, opening it, curious about what was inside. It was a gift card to the spa down the street, with a time for 12:20 pm this afternoon.  A gift from me to you, he said and simply walked out. I was thinking, hummm my financial domination is working, he’s buying me gifts already, completely unaware of his real intent.

I showed up at my appointment a little early and got settled. They took me back to a room so beautifully decorated, so tranquil and relaxing. Light music playing in the background, a setting to make your whole body relax and your mind shut down. As I lay on the massage table I felt warm oil being poured down my back then strong hands start to massage me. I felt myself almost falling asleep, but I could hear the faintest whispers and I tried to tune in.  Even though at the time I had no idea what was going on, it was him. Pulling me deep into a hypnotic trance to turn me from the devious domme I’d been with him into his submissive slut.  Placed trigger words that he could use against me, anytime anywhere.

I went back to the office almost in a fog, feeling relaxed but also a little on edge. I sat at my desk for several minutes trying to regroup. Then I heard a knock at my door and told them to come in. In he walked, asking me if I’d enjoyed my spa time with the most sinister smile on his face. He walked to my desk and put his hand on my shoulder and whispered into my ear. I felt a fleeting moment of panic, and then I turned and looked at him. Somehow I knew I shouldn’t do what I was about to do, but feel compelled to do it anyway, unable to stop myself. He leaned down again, looking straight into my eyes. ‘So what are you Roxy?’, he asked and smiled again.  ‘Your submissive slut’, I answered and dropped to my knees.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke