Turn Ons; I’ll Tell You Mine If You Tell Me Yours. Are You Game?

Turn ons… Everyone’s got them. That one button that lights you up like Christmas as soon as its pressed.  And since everyone has different ones, it can be maddening  trying to decipher the code to crack. So I’m gonna be the sweetie that I am and tell you all about mine! And hope that you’ll tell me all yours.

One thing that really gets me going is having my back licked. I know, its strange but I absolutely love to lay naked on my stomach and have my lover run their tongue all the way from the base of my spine slowly up to the nape of my neck. YIKES! That gives me chills every single damn time! It makes my toes curl!

But that’s one of the things I like having done to me. Maybe you are wondering what I like physically in a man. (Besides a big thick cock) Well most women would probably answer eyes or lips or even a nice ass, not to say I don’t love those things. But my real eye candy on a guy is a well muscled back. OMG! I think it stems from when I was little and would watch Dirty Dancing. Watching the muscles in Patrick Swayze’s back move as he twisted set my teeth on edge in the best way possible!

Another of my turn ons is a Dominant man! I am super submissive and love being dominated so much! From mild to wild, I love it all! From just telling me which position to get in to receive my lover’s cock to being tied down and disciplined and humiliated! Yeah, that’s the way to wet my pussy, right there!

So, yeah, those are my main turn ons. What are yours?

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