Stephanie has long blonde that was a braided to the side, her light blue eyes sparkle in the Sun. She walked out the back door of the vacation house in a blue striped bikini. Stephanie was planning on making this summer full of Tumblr mutual masturbation.  She popped her waterproof earbuds in and cleared her history of the hot phone sex. Walking over to the sitting by the pool she sat her phone down to the right of a chair then grabbed a pool seat float,  Black sunglasses and hopped in the water. Floating around listening to her favorite playlist of the summer catching all the Rays she could.

Hot Summer Time Dreams of Tumblr mutual masturbation

Her older brother Michael was back from college. The strapping young man walked outside and waved But realize that his sister could not hear him. He watched his little sister float around and realize how much she had grown, he stared at her ample bosom and started the picture what it would look like outside the top. Michael felt himself stirring a little bit in his shorts, as he stared at his sister’s shapely legs and tight young body. He decided that he was going to sink into the pool and sneak up on her. Why do you slowly and quietly into the side of the pool he grabbed one of the random floats and started to swim toward Stephanie.

He finally reached up to her float and tapped her leg with his hand. “what are you doing Michael you scared me half to death” Stephanie exclaimed almost falling off of her float. Michael laughed and replied oh come now sis, I was just having a little bit of fun. Stephanie splashed water into her brother’s face getting his short spiky black hair wet. ” Now that is fun!” giggled StephanieThunder rolled from the distance, the siblings sighed together. ” Well, that ends that fun” Stephanie sighed as they bother climbed out of the pool. She grabbed her phone and they ran inside to the safety before the rain started to pour down.

Drip Drip The house isn’t the only thing getting wet tonight


Later that night the power began to flicker on and off Stephanie lay on her bed in a tight blue tank top, no bra, and a cute patterned thong on. She had been browsing the porn side of Tumblr she had saved. Her reposts was a lot of incest Tumblr mutual masturbation. Her biggest goal was to seduce her brother so they could lay in bed together and masturbate side by side and maybe even play a little. Suddenly the power flickered off and stayed off. Stephanie Hoped out of bed grabbed her phone and a flashlight and made her way down the hall to her brothers’ room.

Putting a daring plan into action

Knocking on the door he answered in just his boxers. ” What”He replied sleepily ” Can I sleep in here with you I hate power outages and we are alone all weekend ” she begged. He grumbled and stepped to the side she squeezed by and hopped on the bed. He closed the door and slid into bed next to her and passed back out. Stephanie laid her phone to the side and snuggled up against her brother and he instinctively tossed his arm over her waist. Stephanie wiggled her tight ass against him slowly rolling her hips and feeling her brother’s cock get hard.

She reached behind her and wrapped her fingers around his hardening shaft and began to stroke her brother. Michale let out a soft groan and started to pump his hips in his sleep matching his sister’s strokes. She upped her pace feeling him throb in her hands, Stephanie woke him up from his sleep. ” Steph What are you doing, you need to stop” He whispered and moaned She smiled and replied, ” Why it feels good right why don’t you make me feel good too I’m all wet.” He moaned softly and reached down feeling her wet panties

Tumblr mutual masturbation dreams coming true



Stephanie positioned her onto her knees and he followed suit she gripped harder. Gripping his cock and moving her soft hand quick up and down while he rubbed and teased her clit. Feeling herself getting soaked. Stephanie started having hot flashes to all the hot incest tube videos she was watching on her phone earlier. Michale slid her panties to the left and slide one of his strong fingers in between her wet slit. Grinding her hips against his fingers she felt herself build up closer and closer to her big orgasm. As Stephanie started to cum she stroked her brother harder and faster his cock throbbing he started to shoot his hot sticky load all over her hands. They collapsed next to each other well spent dreaming of the next time they could play and have Tumblr mutual masturbation.

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