Daddy’s little girl

Derek came down the steps with his rock hard cock in his hands. Daddy told him to come over to us. “Is daddy’s little girl behaving herself?”

He looked at me with a big smirk on his face. He squeezed my left tit and bit his lip. I could tell he was super horny and that he wanted to fuck me too. I couldn’t object with the gag in my mouth.

“Give it a try son. I think she’ll like tasting your cum.” I don’t think Daddy knew that Derek raped me before. This idea of his seemed to make him so excited.

“I want to watch you shove your cock down your sisters throat.” Daddy was jerking off now, eager to see his daughter get abused by her big brother.

Derek slid his fat dick in my mouth and choked me. The bastard actually choked me by pinching my nose and jamming his veiny cock into my tonsils.

“UURK!” I coughed and saliva dripped down my face as he pulled out.

“You like that, don’t you bitch?” I rolled my eyes and of course that pissed him off. So he slapped me.


“AAHH!” My cheek burned and I nodded my head to show my willingness to swallow cock.

“You want this dick down your throat bitch?”

“Uh huh.” was all I could manage to say.

Derek pumped my face with his massive meat. He went balls deep into my throat and I had to take it. I started crying and Daddy was cheering him on. Soon I felt his thick, hot cum ooze down my throat. Now it was daddy’s turn.

Daddy put this large hands on my head and fucked my hole so fast that spit went flying everywhere! I closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. My smooth, young cunt was swollen and burning to be touched. But I guess that was part of my punishment.

“You’re so lucky to be daddy’s little girl, Eliza. You don’t need a job, you don’t need to take out loans… You just need to keep me satisfied.” He got rough with me for a while. He pinched my already sensitive nipples and hit me with his riding crop. SWAT, SWAT! I moaned with pleasure as he turned my beautiful pale skin crimson.

On that end, daddy squirted out a generous amount of cum and it tricked into my tummy.

“Uhhh.” I groaned. Daddy’s cum tastes the best.

They both untied me from the table and we all went upstairs. I gave daddy hug and went to bed. I was glad I could make him happy.


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