So recently my lil sis came to visit it had been awhile since I had seen her. I was shocked to seen what a beautiful girl she had grown in to and how amazing her 19 yr old body looked.

The first evening she was at my house I had gone  to indulge in a hot bubble bath. Before long little sis, Lisa, sashays in and plopped herself on the edge of the tub rambling about her Snapchats. She looked up from her phone, and her eyes went slowly down my lean, naked body.

 “Ah….Do you remember when you used to show me how a man should make my body feel?” she asked.

I giggled, remembering the awkward adolescent sexual explorations we used to have, “Yes, I do baby sis.”

“You were the first pussy I ever tasted and I have never tasted one better,” she cooed as she began stoking my wet tit.

I grinned and turned to her on the edge of the tub. “If I remember right yours was pretty damn sweet.” She stood and dropped her satin boxers and stripped off her t-shirt . Lowering her legs in to the hot bath water and resting her sweet, young ass on the side of the tub, I took her invitation and start kissing the inside of her legs, starting at the knee. She opened her thighs and arched her back pushing that tight teen twat towards my aching mouth. I felt her quiver as I kissed deep in to her thighs, and found that little mound of puss. I licked her lips and spread them with my tongue, pushing deeper until I found her hard clit, flicking it. Her body jumped and arched more, begging for me to probe in to her more. I nibbles and kissed that little love button until I felt and tasted her pussy nectar spill into my awaiting eager mouth. Just as sweet and juicy as I remember.

We had a exciting erotic sisterly visit over the next week, if you would like to hear more about it just ask.

Sinful Vixen


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