Trust Me, you’ll love it

“ Trust me,” Anna purrs, as she pushes me back into the pile of pillows that had accumulated against the headboard during our ferocious fucking session.

Even for us, this was a remarkable fuck session, which had lasted for hours by now. Anna was insatiable tonight, even more than usual, and I had obliged by pounding her sweet pussy, licking her glorious asshole, and, in those moments of recharging, letting my fingers work their magic on the a clit so sensitive by now that a breeze would make her cum. We scratched, we bit, we fucked like animals, until cum and sweat covered us both like a glistening tribute to sex. Luckily, Anna, had her nails cut short, so the scratches were few and far between. Bite marks, on the other hand….
But she wanted more and made this very clear. I was more than ready to oblige — my cock was locked in a permanent hard-on, as was to be expected when with this curvy, overheated cock rider. Sitting face to face with my red-headed sex kitten, I kissed her deeply, my tongue dancing with hers. Wrapping her arms around me, she pulled herself tight as she returned my kiss, her tits pressed tight to my body. Letting her tongue trace my lips, she pushed me back into the pillows.

“ Trust me,” she purred.

Grabbing my ankles, Anna spread my legs wide, she began kissing up and down the inside of my thighs and driving me nearly crazy. My cock throbbed, almost begging for her lips to find my shaft. No one can give oral like Anna, and I was so ready to explode into her mouth at this point. But she continued, letting her tongue dance across my skin. Then the detour…

Moving her head deeper between my legs, Anna let her tongue dance across my perineum, a place never touched before by either man or woman. I almost fucking exploded, but held back despite a sudden buck that sent me deeper into the pillows. I felt Anna’s giggle before I heard it. “ Trust me,” she purred, as the tip of her tongue discovered the small dip that sent shockwaves of pleasure through my body. I closed my eyes, fighting the urge to cum in hot streams as Anna’s tongue, then the tip of her finger massaged me gently. I spread my legs wider now, tipping my ass back into the pillows so that Anna had a clear view. Her tongue darted with more force, and I moaned loudly.

I felt Anna’s wetness of the lube on my asshole and cringed. What the fuck, Anna, I was about to say, but she was (as usual) one set ahead of me. “Relax,” her tongue touched my earlobe as she whispered to me. “You will never regret even a moment of this, I promise.”

Anna’s finger slid slowly into my asshole, and I exhaled deeply. As her finger curled up towards my stomach, I felt lightning bolts of pleasure shoot into the shaft of my hard cock. “Fuck, Anna,” was all I could utter as she slowly but expertly began to stroke the outside of my prostate. I had never had a woman milk my G-spot before, but Anna was sending my body to places I had never imagined. Avoiding the overly-sensitive middle (she is a pro, this red-head sex wonder), she caressed and massaged me to fucking paradise. My cock grew harder and bigger than it ever had been, and my cum load was like a fucking cannon ready to explode.

I felt her left-hand wrap around the base of my hard cock, as her fingers teased (and I do mean teased) my prostate. The combination of her teasing and gentle long stroking of my shaft was fucking nirvana. “Fuck, Anna” I moaned more loudly this time, letting her know I was near the point of no return. Her finger pulled back slightly, then dipped in again. My g-spot danced, and her fingers gripped the base of my cock. I moaned… fuck it, I screamed in pleasure and started to cum.

Streams of warm semen shot across the bed as Anna milked me with both hands. One teasing me inside, the other guiding the gushers of cum from my thick, loaded shaft. Anna’s fingers controlled me, as I arched my back, shooting cum into her red hair. She giggled, trying to catch my stream on her sweet lips. My moans echoed off walls as my cum flowed. I thought it would never end, but it did eventually. I collapsed, exhausted, into the pillows.
“Fuck, Anna,” was all I could say as she pulled her finger out, collapsing onto my chest.

Do you Trust me?
Trust is earned.

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