True sex story behind how I seduced my teenage stepson

True sex story of how I took my step son’s virginity. From the moment we met when he was 15, I knew that my step-son had a crush on me. I would catch him looking at my ass when I walked out of a room. He and his friends used to try to sneak peeks down my shirts just for a glimpse of my tits. I used to love giving him baby boners when I walked around the house in my tiny bikini. Now my sweet little teenage stepson has grown from a timid little perv, to a grown and sexy young man. Now it’s time for this kinky MILF to tell the true sexy story of how I seduced my teenage step-son and took his virginity.

Kevin had just turned 19 and was home visiting for spring break. One day while laying by the pool, I decided that it was time to catch up on how college life was treating him. I grabbed a couple of beers from our poolside bar and asked Kevin to join me. As I laid back in my deck chair, I could see the Kevin was looking at my tits as he nervously sipped his beer. I asked Kevin a few perfunctory questions about his classes and life on campus. We were well into our second beer and I could tell that Kevin was beginning to feel the booze kicking in.

I laid back in my deck chair and asked Kevin to rub some more oil on my legs.

Normally he would have said no, but the been had lowered his inhibitions. As he rubbed oil onto my long legs, I could see the stirrings of a boner in my stepson’s shorts. As Kevin worked his way up to my thighs, I spread my legs a bit wider and asked Kevin if he had a girlfriend. Kevin looked and me sheepishly and said he didn’t have a girlfriend. Next, I asked Kevin if he was still a virgin. I could feel Kevin’s hands begin to shake and his voice cracked as he admitted that he was still a virgin. Seizing my chance, I pulled my bikini bottoms to the side and showed Kevin my pussy.

The boy’s eyes went wide and his mouth began to water as he stared at my freshly shaved snatch. I slid my hand between my legs and pulled my pussy lips apart as I asked Kevin to taste me. Nervously, Kevin stuck out her tongue and ran it up my open snatch. I grabbed him by the back of the head and began to guide his mouth up and down on my snatch. “If you want to get a girlfriend”, I moaned, “you have to learn how to eat pussy, Kevin.

I pulled Kevin up onto the chair with me. I laid him on his back and pulled his cock out of his shorts.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see that my sweet little virgin stepson had a nice fat trouser snake for me to play with. From the way he was shaking, I thought that baby boy was going to cum the moment I put his cock into my mouth. Kevin let out a full-throated moan as I took his cock down my throat. I could feel my pussy juice dripping down my leg at the thought of fucking my stepson. I straddled Kevin’s fat cock and slowly slid him into my cunt. As Kevin’s fat cock spread my cunt open, I looked down and told Kevin that his cock is much bigger than his father’s.

I popped my tits out of my bikini top and leaned forward letting Kevin suckle on my hard nipples. I could feel his cock throbbing as I was grinding my pussy on him, making sure that the head of his cock hit my G-spot.

Could from the look on his face, that Kevin wasn’t going to last much longer.

I opened my pussy wide and let loose a squirting orgasm on Kevin’s hard young cock. Feeling my cunt gushing over him was too much for virgin stepson to handle and his cock exploded. As he came, I rode Kevin’s cock harder to milk every last drop of cum out of his cock. I stood up and looked at Kevin laying on the deck chair; his cock was starting wither and he looked a bit confused. I could feel his cum dripping out of my snatch. As I walked away to clean up, I congratulated Kevin on finally losing his virginity.  Now he can go back to school with a true sex story about fucking his step mom.

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