True Sex Stories, How My Husband and I Became Swingers!

My husband Steven and I had been married for five years and was happy or else we thought so. We tried to have spontaneous sex, and mix it up with toys and role plays from time to time. It was a priority that we always give each other time by regularly going on date nights.

So yea, we weren’t unhappy. Our kids were flourishing and we moved from one day to the next blissfully unaware of how very very boring we were!

I bumped into a woman at the grocery store and a pile of cantelopes went rolling. Embarrassed we both started picking them up and we began laughing. By the time, we were asked with a disgruntled look from an underpaid teen to please leave she and I were laughing so hard we could not breathe.

We exchanged names and started talking. She and her husband had just recently moved to our sleepy little town and was really enjoying the peace. An invitation was extended for my husband and myself to attend the, welcome to the country party, they were giving themselves. Don’t worry dear it is just a small group of our friends, most of who are from the city!

Everyone knows our routine?

I took her information and later mentioned it to my husband. He blew it off as something that we would probably just be uncomfortable with.

That evening he was outside mowing the yard when Fred the neighbor stopped to say hello. As he was walking away he said you and the missus have a great date night. My husband Steven asked him how he knew it was date night? The old man laughed as he continued walking. Because it is Thursday night everyone knows its your date night and you will go to Rosita’s Restaurant.

My husband came inside I looked at him having heard the whole exchange and together we knew something had to change. Get dressed we are going to the party.

As we walked in there were several people there everyone was complete strangers. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves immensely. We were introduced around by Mary and her husband Bruce. Everyone was extremely nice asking lots of questions and seemingly very intersted in us.

She insisted we spend the night!

The night went on and on and we were still enjoying ourselves and frankly just a little drunk. We called the sitter and made arrangements. Mary insisted we spend the night. She said they had lots of space and would not take no for an answer.

Later that night, my husband was still on his feet but completely drunk. We went up to bed and fell fast asleep in a drunken stupor. Sometime during the night I woke up to Mary massaging me and kissing me. I pulled away and she continued soothingly touching me. I found myself responding to her manipulations. She led me over to a chair and sat me down on Bruces lap. There he fondled me through my clothes but never touched me directly. At least not until Steven was awake.

Mary woke Steven just as she had me. He moved easily into her manipulations until he realized it was not me then he sat up in bed. He saw me sitting on Bruce’s lap and I smiled at him. I don’t know why but I did. I wanted him to know I was ok.

Mary had moved to pull his dick out and began sucking him before he could further protest. He let it happen never taking his eyes off of mine. I reached down and pulled Bruce’s hand beneath my shirt. Cupping my breast he now had permission. After sucking and fondling me for a few minutes he stood me up and pulled my clothes off.

Bruce laid me down on the bed next to my husband and ate my pussy while Mary sucked Steven dry. After we had cum multiple times we then exchanged partners and fucked each other laying there side beside.

We had a boring sex life!

The next morning we came downstairs and it became apparent that couples had split off during the night or had grouped up together. Everyone was very happy, a bit hungover, and extremely relaxed as we all gathered for a huge breakfast!

That night Steven and I knew we had a boring sex life and we was never going back to it again!

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