True Sex Stories: I Am Absolutely Obsessed With Foreskins.

Dear Perverts, don’t despair! I know 99% of you are circumcised. Believe me, I’ve had plenty of good, cut cock. But I told you I’d talk about foreskins next. True sex stories are most dear to my heart, you know. Many women would disagree with me, but I just love an uncut cock.

There’s nothing like pulling that fleshy foreskin back and seeing that gorgeous head pop out.


The foreskin feels so good in my hand, pushing it up and down the shaft, squeezing and gently twisting my hand up and down. I don’t even need lube. It’s so good. I love telling true sex stories about the sneaky hand jobs I’ve been able to give on an uncut cock!


Oh, and did we get a chance to talk about the veins?


I won’t hold back, an uncut cock with nice, juicy veins is my weakness. The sight of it makes me wet.


The way the foreskin responds inside my tight pussy is out of this world.


I love to feel it drag up and down that hard shaft inside me, pronouncing the head even more as it rubs against my g-spot. I love to grip it even tighter with my muscles to make that foreskin pull up and down even more.


They’re gorgeous.


I know some women are afraid of the foreskin because some are long and cover the head and wrinkle at the tip, which I’ll admit, isn’t it’s the best look. Gently pull it back! You’ll be very glad you did. The way the skin folds and connects at the frenulum is a sight worth beholding. It’s a vision of masculinity. Trust me, you’ll want more.


What can I say? True sex stories about my love for uncut cocks always get me going. If you’re a little cock whore like me, let me put one in your mouth or share. I love doing JOI and mutual masturbation phone sex with uncircumcised men. Send me a picture, let’s Skype…any and all of it. Just let me at that fleshy foreskin.

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