True sex stories, I fucked a guy I met at the club last night!

True sex stories, I fucked a guy I met at the club last night. Last night I went out to the club with London and Alyson. When we got there we had instant attention from all types of guys. So we sat at the booth because we had ordered some drinks and some nachos from the bar. When these two guys came up to us. The first guy was tall and brunette a bit on the skinny side with not much muscle tone. The second guy was quiet watching his friend make a fool of himself in front of 3 hot chicks.  He was about 5’4 nice muscled arms and a flat rock hard stomach that you could see under his green t-shirt.

They managed to wiggle there way into the booth and guy number two sat next to me a bit close. Then the security guy came over because he just had to get him a piece of London. He was a big black man who could clearly dominate London’s tiny body. The security guy brought us free drinks to try an woo her.  The guy next to me grabbed me a few times and kissed me on the cheek like he wanted to be kissing more than my cheek.

True sex stories, Fucked a guy with no name.

So I went outside to have a cigarette and Left Alyson with guy number 2 at the booth where we all were sitting. When I came back we all decided to go towards the dance floor. As we were standing around finishing our drinks they told me how he told them he wanted to kiss me. Being the confident hottie that I am I walked right up to him and kissed him. He was so cute and his body felt so good pressed against mine I wanted to feel more than his tongue in my mouth.

After our very public make-out grope scene on the dance floor, he decided he wanted to take me home. The sex was mind-blowing!

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