What makes true sex stories so great vs fantasy is the reality that it actually happened. Growing up I went to a normal high school like most kids. I even was a part of my high school’s Marching Band. However, I did not play an instrument. I was on the color guard instead. This did not save me from having to go to band camp like the rest of the musically gifted. Although, I did not very much mind at all. I loved all of us being loaded on a bus to various competitions and such. That was time to share seats and blankets and softly whimper in each other’s ears as we cum.

True Sex Stories Can Be Extraordinarily Hot!

However, as soon as all of the drum majors and chaperones make their way into camp the busses are left unattended. As well as, unlocked. That year also happened to be the last year for our band director. He was retiring early so that he could backpack and teach in Europe. However, he deserved a better send-off then cheap cake and “So he’s a jolly good fellow.” Of course, I was ready and with a plan. After all, what are phone sex girls good at other than being kinky freaks.

Operation: Kidnap The Band Director

The plan was simple really. A few of us would put a bag over his head and drag him back to one of the unattended buses that night. Blindfolded still we would be sure to get that cock of his nice and hard. However, his dick was much bigger than we anticipated, calling for two girls to manage it. Once that blindfold was removed he whimpered about us being too innocent. That did not stop us from forcing him to fuck all of us hot chicks. The group of us had a giant orgy going on in the back. It was such a sticky cummy mess. What a great send-off.

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