The True Sex Stories Of Two Horny Teens

My best friend and I do everything together so that means we have tons of true sex stories to tell. Her dad and mine are actually childhood friends so we’ve always been super close. We love dressing up sex, teasing older men and we are always horny. One football Sunday we were both bored. Our dads were watching the game and our moms were gone shopping. And you might be asking yourself at this very moment, what would two teen girls do when they are bored? Fuck each other’s daddies, of course.

We came up with the plan together and it was simple. We were going to dress up in our most provocative outfits and seduce each other’s dad. I wore just a pair of stockings, a tiny little skirt, and a crop top. My bestie wore a dress so small it didn’t cover her nice round ass. We talked over to the living room. I sat next to her dad and she sat next to mine. After a few minutes, we had their attention. My bestie was the first one to make a move.

She got right on her knees and pulled down my dad’s cock. I, on the other hand, climbed on top of her and started kissing him.

Once they were both nice and hard our plan was completed. I rode her dad’s cock, reverse while he sat on the couch and next to us, my daddy was pounding my best friend from the back. I could hear her juicy pussy and everything she came, mine cunt got wetter. My favorite part about the whole thing was getting on my knees, next to my best friend and taking her dad’s cum on my face as she took my dad’s load. Kissing her right after, mixing their cum together only made me crave Daddy’s jizz. Next time I am alone with him, I am definitely having a taste!

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