True sex stories, Naughty hardcore sex with a kinky guy!

True sex stories, Naughty hardcore sex with a kinky guy! I had some really hot hardcore and very kinky sex the other night and I thought that I would share what I did with him. So it started out as just a regular night we were hanging out watching some Fear the walking dead on HULU. We ordered some Chinese and snuggled up on the couch. What was supposed to be a regular night turned in to something way kinkier and extremely hot.  He started by playing with my pussy, rubbing me over and over in agonizingly slow motions, making me dripping wet.

The wetter that I got the more he did to me. He slid his fingers deep inside of me moving his fingers in and out in long even strokes. My legs would begin to shake as I felt the orgasm building inside of me… But he would not stop edging my orgasm along and then he would deny me. This went on for about an hour I mean he was driving me fucking crazy I wanted to cum so bad!! He would literally stop touching me if I got close to cumming. So I asked him why he was torturing me and he said “because I want you to think of me the next time you are on the phone having phone sex.

True sex stories, Make me beg for it!

After his confession of what he wanted I realized he might be a little jealous of all the kinky fun, I have with my guys! He forcefully bent me over the arm of the couch and made me beg for his cock. At first, I said no just because I wanted to see his reaction. This little bitch stuck just the tip of his dick inside me and moved it in and out, shallow and steady. He had so much restraint and the only thing he said was “beg for it!”.  I have to say after about 20 min of his constant teasing… I begged like a dog so he fucked me like one.

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