Like A True Seductress, I Love Teasing Your Body To The Maximum!

Like a true seductress, I love teasing your body to the maximum! There you are on my bed, completely naked, mask on your face, feet and hands bound….ready and waiting for me to seduce and tease you, like none other! All you can do at this point is hear me, smell me and feel me, you can’t see or touch me and that alone is driving you crazy! The way this is going to go down is precisely the way I want it to….any questions?!?!

I stand at the end of the bed and taunt you with my words. I tease you and whisper things that I want to you to you. You can feel my body hovering over yours, but you can quite feel me just yet. The hairs on your body stand on end, as I ever so gently caress your body with my hands.

I work my hands up your thighs, around your cock and balls, making my way up to your stomach and I stop dead at your chest. Once there, I completely back away from you and I leave you hard and clueless. Just as your throbbing cock begins to give a little, without warning I start to lick around your nipples.

First your right nipple, then your left one paying close attention to the details around them.

As I make my last swirl around your nipple, I take the very tip of my tongue and begin to gently lick your neck and earlobes. I begin to moan in your ear, chills run down your body as you feel my warm breath hit your face and neck. I love the fact that I am driving you crazy as I keep licking and sucking on your neck and earlobes!

Next, I take my fingertips and run them all the way down your body….inch by glorious inch, I make my way down towards that now throbbing cock of yours. But I don’t grab it….not yet! It isn’t time. I wanna tease you until you beg me for that sweet release. Tell me how badly you want me to finish what I’ve started, tell me how badly you want me to just plunge that fuck stick deep inside of my wet little pussy……beg me and I shall give you what you need! Beg me while we’re on a funky phone sex session together!

Teen Phone Sex!