What is a true cuckold marriage?

I’d love to share with you the vows of my true cuckold marriage. Well, in my fantasy that is. Okay well really, in our fantasy that is!

Regular, vanilla (i.e. BORING) marriage disgusts me. I’ll never say “I do” to a life of sexually dull, unfulfilling un-variety like that. Ew. However, I’d happily break my vows to never take vows if I knew my husband-to-be was desiring only to be cuckolded “til death do us part.” Who gives a fuck about in sickness and in health? My health depends on having as many men as I want, whenever I want. You understand this. Don’t you?

Here are what the vows of my true cuckold marriage would be you NEVER taking me, never having or holding me. Perhaps you would get to lick the creampie out of my stretched out pussy afterward.

From this day forward, for better or for worse, you will always know your place as my fluffer, cleaner upper, nothing more. You are nothing without me. And one of your other roles is to procure bigger, better (and NOT worse) cocks for me! Don’t forget, maggot. But of course, I’ll remind you daily. All healthy marriages are rooted in good communication.

I don’t care about “for richer or for poorer.” You’re not only going to do all the housework (i.e., “reproductive labor”), but you’re also going to be the Breadwinner. Does that make you feel “manly”? Ha. I hope not. Because you are not a real man. You are my cuckold husband.

A TRUE cuckold husband might get me to consider walking down the aisle.

And what about “sickness and in health”? Well, you are sick, but that’s why you love me. You love seeing my glowing face after I’ve taken another giant, fat cock. Better yet, after you’ve listened outside as I pleasure several men at once, sometimes as many as 10. What turns you on as my cuckold husband? More cocks? Bigger cocks? Both? What turns me on is being sexually satisfied, something you will never be able to do. I love you, dear!

And that brings us to “to love and to cherish.” The more “promiscuous” (ironically, actually keeping our true cuckold marriage vows) I am, the more you love me. And that’s how you know I love you, is how “unfaithful” I am.

“‘Til death do us part,” I pledge to make you cry from brutally cuckolding. If you like it brutal, that is. Do you need me to cuckold you so brutally you cry real tears? I’m happy to help you with that.

Nothing gets me wet like humiliation phone sex, after all. But I do see our true cuckold marriage as a mutual contract between two mutually consenting, respectful adults. It just so happens that you, contractually, want me to “disrespect” you. Maybe others see it as “disrespect.” You and I don’t. We have a special arrangement.

I can’t wait to say “I do” to your cuckold servitude lifestyle.

What are you waiting for, my cuckold husband-to-be? Pick up the phone and give me a call!

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