In front of me, more than twice my age was an old truck driver. Some dirty, ugly bastard who was going crazy just from the thought of fucking me. My tight shaved pussy was about to be taken, manhandled and ruined. 
“What a cute little piece of ass.” He says laughing and grabbing my hair so hard that I almost fall. My face was so close to him that I could see all his ugliness. His fat fingers drifted down my smooth  body and started to grope between my legs. As he bit my lip and smelled my neck I felt an unpleasant cold feeling as his finger slid inside my jeans. I could feel him pulling my underwear aside and slowing pushing his finger inside me, forcing a moan to escape my mouth.
“Now you little slut… You know what you need to do, and what you need to say…” – he told me with an evil smile playing on his lips.
And I knew… With my body shaking. I stood up, turned him my backside, unbuttoned my jeans pulling them down. Then I pulled my little panties to the side, bent over and said “Please daddy, fuck my little ass”
“That’s a good little girl. Get on your knees and bend over the bed. I am going to fuck your little teasing ass. I will fuck it so hard baby that you will never forget” – The trucker ordered me and I knew I must obey. Tears were flowing from my eyes, while I went down on my knees, laying with my stomach on the bed and waiting for him to fuck me. I heard his pants going down, his fast breathing, his cold hands on my ass, and he gives me two very strong slaps on my ass cheeks, I could feel his fingers spreading my little ass apart. I tell him “please, don’t. Please don’t stick it in my ass.” But soon after I felt the tip of his cock on my rear entrance. I knew it would hurt, but I never dreamed it would have hurt so bad.
Using his whole body, without any preparation, lubricant or even warning he pushed his hard cock inside me. I felt his body falling on me, while gravity helped his dick to penetrate deep inside me. I could feel every inch forcefully being pushed inside me now. The pain was so bad that I thought someone was ripping me apart with a burning knife. I screamed from the pain, grabbing the blanket with both hands, so strong that I almost tore it. For a moment he stopped with his cock deep inside my tight little ass. But just seconds later he started to pump his hard dirty cock in and out of me, every time trying to ram it in as far as possible. With every thrust, I screamed, “please! Stop!” It felt like I was being stabbed. His hands were holding my ass open, slapping it from time to time. I knew he was all the way inside me and it hurt so badly. I heard him grunting like a wild animal as his thrusts became faster and faster. It’s hard to say how much time passed until I heard his moans become louder, and soon I felt his fingers grabbing the flesh of my ass cheeks, roughly squeezing them. Seconds later he just stops, with this cock deep inside me, I could feel his hot cum filling my asshole up. Ruining my tight hole with his dirty old mans cock. “That’s a good little girl,” he says. As he continued to hold me down and empty all of his cum inside me.  “Who’s my dirty little slut?” he asks. “I am… I’m your dirty little slut.” I could barely breath from being fucked so hard. I could still feel him cumming deep inside me. “That’s a good little slut. Just lay there and take it, take it all inside that little ass of yours.” He finally rolled off me and put his pants back on, did up his belt and threw a wad of cash at me. “Til next time baby.” He said, turning and heading out of the door.
I like hanging out at the truck stop. I make good money and it secretly turns me on being used by the gross truckers as a fuck toy. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk right for a while after this though.