Truck Stop Fuck

Truck Stop Fuck. Fun at the gas stop- my hot friend Allie and I went on a road trip a few weeks ago. We were high and happy to have time off. Two girls on the road, smoking dope and drinking whiskey in the hot summer sun!

Somewhere in West Virginia, we stopped to pee and buy more smokes and gas. I saw a lone truck driver sitting in his truck watching us as we danced around in our cut off’s waiting for the toilet to be free. I could see he was trying to jerk off while he was watching us. Poor guy. He wasn’t that attractive. For some reason, I was feeling pretty good and for once I felt like being a good samaritan. I walked up to his truck and he quickly stopped jerking off.

I told him that it’s totally cool and we could help him with his jerk off. He let us in and he offered us some homemade moonshine. Whatever it was made of, it made me and my friend even hornier. We quickly took charge over this shy trucker. We pulled off of his boots and pants. My friend and I took off our sundresses and boots.

We were all over this guy, rubbing his cock and balls through his boxers, pressing our tits against his face, making him rock hard.

“You’re not going to let me fuck you, are you, Ma’am?’ He said shyly as he gazed at my tits. I looked at my friend and we both smiled. “What the fuck. Yes, you can fuck me. ” I answered.

He pulled his boxers down revealing an actually big cock. I was relieved. I bent over and pulled down my panties. “Fuck me from behind and fuck me hard!” I ordered. he fucked me with my girlfriend watching. The grateful Trucker bought us a tankful of gas and enough beer and slim jims to last us all the way home!

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