Trophy wife Roxy seduces the neighbor, while hubby strokes one out.

Trophy wife is what he calls me, because that’s exactly what I am. Sexy and smart with that added kinkiness, along with my ‘I get what I want’ attitude has always turned my husband on.  The first time he caught me looking out our living room window at our next door neighbor with my hands down my spandex shorts, he came up behind me and whispered in my ear to just imagine our neighbor fucking me. Trophy wife or not, it turned him on so much thinking about some other guys cock fucking me, he came so hard; and that’s when we decided he wanted me to cuckold him.

We devised a plan for the next day. I knew my hot neighbor didn’t work on Tuesday’s, so my husband left for work like normal that day, but hard as a rock knowing what was going to be going down soon. Half past eleven I called over to my neighbors house telling him one of the pipes upstairs had burst and I did not know where the main shut off valve was and begged him to come over right away since it would take a plumber too long to get there. I poured water on the floor to make it look like something had happened, and as he ran upstairs breathless and shirtless he stopped in his tracks as he saw me in that sheer white top, soaked with water and my hard nipples showing through. ‘I found the valve’, I smiled and walked toward him. His mouth opened, but he didn’t speak, his eyes focused on my chest.

I touched his bare chest with my fingertip and looked up into his eyes and flashed my sexy smile. ‘You know I’m my husband’s trophy wife, but right now I have other interests in mind’.  I saw him swallow and turn a little red. I reached down and started to grope at his bulge totally visible now through his jeans. Then I leaned up to kiss him, and as I felt his tongue slip in my mouth he grabbed my ass through my shorts and moaned. I glanced down the hall looking for a sign of my husband. I knew he was there, but my hot next-door neighbor didn’t.

We stripped each other down touching and kissing each part of one another, and as he laid me down on the bed I spread my legs, inviting him to dine on that delicious pussy of mine. With his face buried between my legs, my hands running through his hair, I wanted more! I grabbed the bedsheets as the first orgasm ravaged my body, and as I opened my eyes I could see my husband watching his trophy wife getting fucked from the doorway.

I pulled that sexy guy up on me begging him to fuck me. ‘You love me being your naughty neighbor, don’t you,’ I said, and he shook his head and smiled down at me. And as his cock pushed through my pussy lips, he arched his back and started pumping. My closet has those full-length mirrors and I glanced over to watch my husband stroking himself. His cock compared to my neighbors was a small comparison.  Feeling my neighbor’s dick fill me up, I wrapped my legs around him pulling him into me deeper. My husband moved closer into the room and caught the neighbor’s attention. He looked panicked for a second but my husband said ‘oh no, keeping fucking my trophy wife’. I looked at my husband and said ‘That’s a good boy, keep stroking while I fuck him good!’. At that point, I knew my neighbor couldn’t stop anyway, his balls heavy with cum, so close to busting a nut with that bare cock buried in my pussy.  And as my husband came in for a closer look, stroking his cock like a mad man, he came as soon as my hot neighbor exploded inside of me.

He slowly worked that cock in and out, feeling that euphoria after cumming so hard. Then out of nowhere he glanced at my husband and said, ‘I’ll be back Friday to fuck her again’, picked up his pants and left with his cock stilling leaking cum. I looked at my husband and pointed between my legs and said, ‘you have some cleaning up to do, now get to work’.

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