Tricked By The Devil Within A Member Of My Church: Part II

Tricked By The Devil Within A Member Of My Church, continued. Then Charles stepped around behind me, and whispered in my ear, “I bet that pussy is wet now, just thinking about that big black cock fucking you.” He ran his hand around the side of my body over the top of my summer dress and put his hand between my legs. He said, “What a tight little body, and you’re not even wearing panties”. Then he turns me to face him, and begins kissing me while putting his hand under my dress, and starts rubbing my pussy. He takes two fingers and works my clit, then slides them into my now soaking wet pussy.

He starts finger fucking my pussy with his left hand while continuing to kiss me, and unzipping his pants with his right hand. Then he takes my left hand with his right and puts it on his cock. I then begin stroking his cock with my hand while he works three fingers knuckle deep in and out my now dripping wet pussy. He whispers in my ear, “I heard you love to suck cock”. Then he steps back with his cock hanging out his pants. He unbuckled his pants and drops them to the floor. As if in some kind of trance I drop to my knees, and start sucking his balls while stroking his cock with my right hand.

Tricked, I then licked his shaft from the base and engulf the tip of his cock, and began deep throating his cock like a whore in heat. He grabbed the back of my head and began fucking my mouth like he was fucking my pussy. His balls were slapping my chin with every pounding stroke. Then he tenses up and floods the back of my throat with a huge load of cum keeping his cock buried in my throat while he cums. I had to swallow the entire load just to breathe. Then his cell phone rings, and it is his wife Sheila. He said, I am on my way honey, Hanna, and I was just talking about how much fun we had at the retreat. After my husband returned home, we made arrangements with Charles, and Sheila to eat at a local well-reviewed steakhouse.

We drank almost two bottles of wine by the end of dinner and left for home. We pulled up in front of the guest suite and went in with Charles, and Sheila for a little end of evening conversation. Their description of New Orleans, and its history, as well as nightlife, were interesting. After a little conversation, my husbands says he and Charles are walking to the church. He wants to show him around the facility before tomorrow. They walk out the door, and Sheila says we do not have any wine. But we do have a bottle of Crown, and some Coke If I would like a drink she would fix me one. I found it kind of strange, a pastor and his wife traveling with a bottle of hard liquor, but who is to judge.

I am not much into drinking hard liquor but accepted her offer of hospitality. She handed me the drink, and I took a sip. It was a little strong, but smooth. After all, it was Crown. Then Sheila invited me to sit with her on the sofa, and we continued our random conversation. Then she asked to excuse herself for a moment while she went to the restroom. I continued to sip my drink and was getting quite tipsy if I do say so myself. I had almost drifted off to sleep when Sheila returned wearing a silk nightgown that fell just above her knee.

The silk hugged her body nicely, and she had huge breasts, which you could see the outline of huge areola and nipples under the silk material. She walked back in apologizing for taking so long but decided to get ready for bed. Her drink was sitting on the end table, and she picked it up and took a sip. Then she said you look really tired. She slid closer to me and began massaging my temples with her fingers. I commented how good the massage felt. As I said, the Crown and Coke had me feeling almost out of it. She then began massaging the sides of my face bringing her fingers close to my mouth. Me being tricked is to be continued……

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