I have done tribbing before but I never thought it would be with my neighbor’s wife while he was at work. It all began when I was sitting outside enjoying a nice day. Just working on some stuff and having a glass of wine. I had always just waved at my neighbors or the occasional ‘Hello’. But never really engaged in any conversation more than that, until today.

I watched as she kissed him goodbye. She was still in her PJs and robe but looked just as sexy as she always did. After he started to walk away she turned and gave me a flirty smile. I smiled back. Because of my job I always have a ton of sexual photos. A few of them being tribbing photos, a long with cock sucking, and of course all the nude photos of me. I saw her walk over and as she caught a glimpse of what was on my computer she stopped and gave a funny look. I smiled and told her what I did for a living.

She told me, “That sounds like a really sexy job! Do any girls ever call you?

I told her, “Not yet, but I hope they do someday! That would be so hot!”

Then I started to show her some of the photos I had, she pointed at one and asked, “What is that? What are they doing?”

I giggled and told her, “Well, that is called tribbing. It feels so good to have another girl’s wet pussy ripping up against yours.”

She seemed really interested in it and in a lot of my photos. We talked for a long while and it was getting near lunchtime. So, she invited me over for lunch. I told her that I would love to. I put my things inside, grabbed my keys, locked the door, and followed her over. I walked slightly behind her, her body swayed back and forth and her tight pj pants hugged her body. Looking at all the tribbing photos really got me horny and all I could think about was tribbing against her soft pussy.

I sat down at her dinner table as she went into the kitchen. She started to ask me all about

Tribbing, how did tribbing work, can you cum from tribbing, etc. I gladly answered all of her questions. Then I could not take it anymore.

I finally just came out and said, “Would you like to try it?”

Her face got kind of red, and she smiled. I smiled back at her and she nodded at me in a very flirty way. So I stood up and started to kiss her soft lips, slowly sliding off her clothes. I could feel her breathing increase as I kissed down her soft body. I licked her soaking wet pussy lips. But she pulled me up and told me she wanted to go into the bedroom.

As we got into the bedroom I stripped down and showed her how to sit so I could put my pussy right on hers. As I positioned myself, I made sure our pussy lips were touching as close as they could. Then I began to grind on her. There were so many juices coming from our pussies I could not tell who was who’s.

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