Tribbing, i.e. “scissoring” = underrated.

I used to think tribbing was a joke thanks to my first girlfriend. Worse, I used to think I couldn’t even orgasm that way. But guess what? Rubbing my wet cunt all over my girlfriend’s and our clits against each other until we cum is really hot . . . and it really gets me off.

My current girlfriend has helped me realize I enjoy a LOT of sexual things and acts I didn’t think I did before. If you’d told me a year ago I was going to be fisting (and getting fisted) without lube on the regular, I wouldn’t have believed you. The only lube in the house is one I bought a few years ago. I hadn’t met her yet!

Sex with her is so good and makes so wet she can easily slide her hand ALL the way inside my juicy cunt. Sometimes she’s inside me all the way past her wrist, up to her forearm. The deeper she goes, the more she makes me squirt. I love squirting in her mouth best . . . especially since I know that’s her favorite.

Our bed is always one big wet spot after we’ve been fucking. Some sexual partners I’ve had stop after their first orgasm, but not her. And she DEFINITELY doesn’t stop at my first orgasm!

The first time I tried tribbing with her was hot, but I was skeptical at first. I laughed as I climbed on top of her and swung my leg over hers. She expertly pushed her hand in such a way that made our swollen clits touch, throb harder. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the feeling of her swollen clit and soaking wet pussy juice all over mine, running down my thighs while we both cum!

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