Trannies Are Definitely The Best Of Both Worlds!

Trannies are definitely the best of both worlds; a hot, sexy woman plus a hard, throbbing dick. Who doesn’t love that? Surprisingly, I’ve only fucked around with one a few times and my friends with benefits Chris, has never played with one before too. In fact, he’s only ever seen one in person and he was too chicken shit, to say anything to her in case someone saw him, which is a pussy move if you ask me. Luckily, I know of the perfect place where he could get intimate with a tranny and no one would judge him; my bedroom!

I texted a bunch of friends asking if they knew any trannies, who would be interested in having a threesome with us and after a while we found Cassandra. I made all the arrangements for her to come over last Friday night but kept it a secret from Chris, the wonderful pussy. Personally, I think he has enough pussy for both Cassandra and me, but anyway he didn’t know until Cassandra was standing right in front of him, in my bedroom and the look on his face, was priceless.

Chris thought it was just going to be the two of us fooling around, but as soon as we were naked I grabbed a blindfold off the nightstand and tied it around his eyes.

I quietly went to the closet and opened it, letting Cassandra out. She had been waiting for a while and was already naked for us. She walked over to Chris and knelt down in front of him, stroking his legs with her hands before putting one around his dick. Then she stroked him until he was hard, then wrapped her lips around him. She slid her lips down his shaft and he moaned, telling her how good it felt. She started sucking him and he told her to keep going, yeah just like that. It was so hot, I started to get wet, as I watched them.

I didn’t want him to cum just yet though, so when I thought he was getting close I went over to him and began kissing him and stroking his chest. After a few seconds, his horny brain realized there were two mouths on him and he gasped, reaching for the blindfold.

I grabbed his hand, stopped him and took it off myself. He looked down as Cassandra slid him out of her mouth and stood up, her dick standing straight up. He looked so shocked, especially when we pushed him facedown on the bed. Cassandra pulled his hips up, leaned over him and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” He looked so scared when he heard that and he jumped when she spread lube over him. Cassandra got behind him and I knew the second she started pushing her dick into his ass; he cried out and I had to help him relax.

I rubbed his back with one hand and reached under with my other hand, putting my fist around his dick.

It was wet from Cassandra’s spit and I jerked him off. He let out an “Ohhhhhhhh!!”, when she finally got in him and I stroked him a bit faster as Cassandra began fucking him. Chris did little moans of pain, but I could hear the pleasure in there too and so did Cassandra. She grunted on top of him, as her hands yanked his ass back and I could feel him starting to move with her. He cried out as she hit his prostate and he lost his mind, pushing back on her while begging me to let him cum. I made me PLEAD with me, to let him cum…….

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