Training Cuckold Men and his Wife for the lifestyle is an exciting challenge.   All parties involved get their needs met on different levels.  Let’s be realistic, you can’t tell me you’ve never thought about?  The opportunities are endless once you get your wife on board to cuckold you.

In any event, there is nothing better than exploring the cuckold lifestyle. Always remember the opportunity only knocks once.  Training your wife to be open-minded to a pleasuring situation is very easy.  The lesson starts with teaching your wife how to put you in your place while being pleasured.  She needs to understand that the cuckold lifestyle is for her “pleasure” NOT yours.  Once your wife grasps the concept of exploring the cuckold lifestyle will be very rewarding. The journey will be fulfilling in so many ways.

Usually, on Friday night I would prowl the club for the perfect couple to bring into the lifestyle. Training Cuckold Men is the easy part. The wife is usually the one I need to lure into my web and persuade. It doesn’t matter where I am or who I am with – I find myself always becoming yet the center of attention yet again.  Especially when I find myself between a hungry couple.

I remember the very first experience as if it was yesterday. The club scene was the perfect place for Training Cuckold Men and his wife. Especially hungry married men who craved more for their sexy wife. Appearance-wise you would never expect a couple like this to be into the cuckold lifestyle.

My friend Andrea and I were sipping on a glass of Dom Perignon Rose, I couldn’t help but notice this couple from across the club.  He was confident and very attractive. She was perfect the skin-tight dress and stilettos that shimmered from across the room.  After sending over a bottle of Dom Perignon we made our way over for a little conversation. Very intriguing I must say, they were an intelligent, witty and very charming couple. Inevitably it didn’t take us long to convince them to come home with us.

He drove a 2019 Maserati – conservative yet stunning. This couple was the complete package for our little domination adventure.  Andre was extremely excited to make his move on Mrs. Maserati.  We didn’t even make it in the door before her dress hiked up over her hips.   Andre buried his face in her smooth wet pussy. He dropped down on his knees and started servicing her as her husband watched. At first, she resisted but that slowly diminished as his talented tongue danced around her clit.

After what seemed like forever the husband couldn’t take his eyes away. He wanted more. He wanted to see Andre’s cock deep inside his wife’s starving wet pussy. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, as she pushed him from between her creamy thighs.  She demanded his cock as her husband watched. Furthermore, the confident husband was soon reduced to a submissive boy, as Andre fucked his wife with all 10 inches of his throbbing man meat.

Fast forward one year later as a result of that chance encounter. It’s Friday night and the Maserati couple are still taking cuckold lessons from me.  A wicked little smile appears on my face as my three black friends enter the room for a BBC gangbang on Mrs. Maserati.  I watch the husband weaken like the little puppy dog once again.  How easy it was to watch him melt before my eyes, as she was being taken by BBC cock once again.

All in all, I watched his heart sink, as his wife was stripped down to nothing but her stockings and 6 inch high heels. Slowly I instruct Mr. Maserati to get down under his wife as she was getting used.  He couldn’t resist as he spread her deliciously long legs.  I instruct him to crawl up between her creamy thighs and get real close to her now fucked wet pussy.

The next step was her cum filled pussy just inches from his face.  with the feel of his cheeks on the inside of his wife’s thighs – I command, “Lick bitch.”   Hense this was nothing new to him.  After all, I never made him lick cream pie – cum filled pussy.  Nevertheless, he loved oral sex and couldn’t resist. His wife let out a wicked little giggle. She couldn’t help herself as she listened to him moan and watched as he licked up another man’s cum. It didn’t take long.  All he wanted was to taste her – to lick her – to please her wet cum filled pussy.

On the contrary, it was very easy to train this couple into the lifestyle.  Are you ready for me to teach your wife and make you a Cuckold Man? Maybe a little tease and denial, as you hear your wife getting fucked? I’m always looking for new men to train. Especially be a good boy and call me – Let’s see if you are even worthy to a trained cuckie. Never know – I might bring home someone special-so you can listen or maybe watch as I get fucked. I love putting you in this position. Be a good boy – you don’t want me to cock cage you. <Wicked LiL Laugh> Call me if you are ready to explore cuckold phone sex or cock humiliation phone sex.

Training Cuckold Men into exploring ALL wild and kinky scenarios is my forte’

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Furthermore, let me guide you in a direction you never imagined! My sultry voice will capture you and keep you coming back for more.  No worries I will make it as pleasurable as possible.  Finally, remember it’s ALL about pushing outside your comfort zone!  Let’s explore your fetish together.  ALL the opportunities are endless. Nonetheless, let me trigger your inner XXX pleasures. Always remember – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now.


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