Trained By Mommy As Daddy Watched!

Mommy has been grooming me and getting me ready for a long time, but I had no idea! It was late one night, everyone was in bed expect mommy and I. We were sitting on the couch getting food together and ready for Thanksgiving the next day. I dropped something on the ground and as I picked it up mommy shoved me onto my hands and knees. She laughed at first but wouldn’t let me up. She made me wait there until daddy came downstairs. You could tell by the look on his face he’d been waiting all night for this.

Daddy sat down next to mommy on the couch and then they let me stand between the two of them. They started to tell me about my new role in their home. Now that I was 13 it was time for me to learn how to do things properly. Being a women is never easy but it makes them happy so I had to learn. Daddy made sure I knew that mommy was going to do all the teaching while he sat and watched. That’s what made him happy.

Mommy laid me down on the floor and quickly took all my clothing off. My budding breasts were exposed and even the small amount of hair on my little cunt was showing. I was so embarrassed and kept trying to cover myself with my hands. Mommy told me the first rule is to NEVER cover myself when I’m naked in front of them. She told me that it made her very sad when I did things like that. She then pulled a soft blue rope out from next to the couch.

My breath hitched in my throat seeing that rope. This wasn’t the first time I’ve used it or seen it laying around the house. This began to make me nervous. Mommy had me sit straight up with my back towards her. She began tying me up in a very strange way. I looked up at Daddy while Mommy did this and saw that he had taken his pants off. His penis was extremely hard, and he was now stroking himself. Mommy smiled when she saw what he was doing. She told me that he liked it and that’s why he was doing what he was.

After she got me tied up she laid me down in the middle of the living room rug facing her and daddy. I did as I was told and then waited. Mom got undressed and sat next to daddy, spreading her legs. She was completely bare down there. No hair or anything. I liked the way it looked. Mom began to rub herself as daddy pulled harder on his cock. They both began moaning and then mommy started to buck her hips up. Her pussy got very wet, as daddy’s cock sprayed white stuff out the tip.

They untied me and told me I could get dressed. They were very happy with what a good girl I’d been. They said we’d continue my training tomorrow night.

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