Training New Young Whores

I worked in a brothel in beautiful Paris, the City of Lights, years ago. Naturally, I quickly became the most popular girl there. I had so many repeat clients I could barely keep up with the demand. Because of this, the brothel Madam, had me train all the new young whores. She wanted me to teach them everything I knew so they could be as popular as I was. 

Yes, a lot of my popularity had to do with perfecting certain skills like cocksucking but it also had a lot to do with looks. Just the sight of me was foreplay for my clients. They would get one look at my tight little body, porcelain skin, long blonde hair, and of course huge perfect tits and practically cum knowing they were about to fuck me. However, I agreed to train the new young whores as best I could even though they didn’t have bodies quite as sinful as mine. 

The Basics

Training the new young whores turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be. A group of five French teens were brought into my private suit. I had to start out with the basics. First, I instructed each girl to kiss me. I sat on my bed and each girl took turns approaching me to give me their best sensual kiss. Surprisingly, most were good! But I told a couple to slow down and take their time with it. I then explained the art of sensuality and seduction and tasked them with giving me an orgasm. Yes, it would be different with a man.  However, I needed to see if they understood how to create some real passion. 

The new young whores each took turns fingering, massaging and eating my pussy. I was so happy that they all made me cum. Some better than others but they all got to watch and learn from each other. I realized how much fun this whole process was going to be. 

Practice Makes Perfect

After the first lesson, it was time to put my teachings into practice. I had the new young whores practice on real clients. Of course, I was in the room giving them pointers while they pleasured their first clients. I even guided a few heads while they gave blowjobs and pulled a couple of girls off a cock to give a demonstration. Our clients seemed to enjoy the whole process as much as we did. It actually turned me on to teach the art of fucking. I think this is where my need for a kinky polyamorous lifestyle began. I realized I loved having both men and women and multiple partners. 

Sometimes, the action would be so hot and I would get turned on to the point of no return that I joined in the fun. One client got a bonus whore for the price of one. However, one of the whores had such a sexy body and learned so well that I became very attracted to her. During her first session, I joined the client in fucking her. Like I said, training new young whores was a lot of fun!


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