Toys are wonderful.

My husband works all the time and, unfortunately, his being a doctor in an emergency room isn’t conducive to a great sex life.  Using my toys and getting off with you guys on the phone is amazing.  From time to time, however, I need a real cock.

Occasionally I resort to drastic measures to get him in the mood to fuck.  The two things that never fail to get his attention is watching me shower and porn.  Knowing this, I tell him to expect hearing the sound of a porn flick playing in the bedroom.  With that warning, there’s no doubt he’ll arrive home on time.  This is one of those occasions.

About five minutes before you arrive home, I get naked, start a porn flick, and get into the shower.  The first thing you do when you walk in the door is come to the bathroom.  After stripping down, you join me under the hot water.  Your cock is hardening so, as you wash your hair, I begin to slowly stroke it.  Once finished, you’re rock hard.  You push me against the cold tile and start rubbing my clit, occasionally dipping your finger inside my cunt.

I suggest we dry off and move to the bedroom.  The lust in your eyes tells me you agree.

As I reach into my nightstand, I tell you to stand at the end of our bed.  Stroking your cock, you watch as I get my toys out and set them on top.  In addition to the dildo and butt plug that you’ve seen before, you notice I have something new in my arsenal of toys.  You tell me you want to watch me fuck myself.

I agree and don’t tell you the new toy is what I’m going to fuck your ass with.

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