What girl doesn’t like to have her Feet massaged? I LOVE when a guy spoils and indulges me by rubbing my Feet.

Some men are all about sex and that’s all they do. There’s no kissing, no foreplay and no sweet little touches on my body or my Feet. They’re fun but sometimes I just want to relax and have a bit of pampering. When I see a chance for some I take it because who knows when the moment will come again.

I was hanging out at my friend Hank’s place, just watching TV and eating pizza when I kicked off my shoes. I curled up on the couch and rubbed my aching foot because I’d spent most of the day walking around the mall. It felt good and I moaned as the tension started to leave, all I wanted to do was soak in a hot bubble bath and was thinking about leaving when he asked me if I was okay. I pouted and put my Feet in his lap as I said: “My Feet hurt, massage them for me?”

 He rolled his eyes and held my foot in his hand as he started to massage it.

His hands were big and strong and I snuggled down as he pressed his fingers into my heel. I moaned and said, “That feels good.” I wiggled my toes and they felt tight with my sock still on so I sweetly asked him to take it off. He playfully called me a diva and took both of my socks off before massaging them again.

 His fingers kneaded my sole then moved up to that padded area just under my toes. I closed my eyes and drifted off as he massaged one foot then the other one. He was working on one foot when I stretched and my other foot nudged his crotch.

He shifted but not fast enough because I felt a bulge.

 I had no idea Hank was into Feet and I teased him by saying nothing but wiggling my toes against him. “You’re so good at this.” I murmured and pressed my foot more into him. He was breathing louder and he kept trying to shift away from me but I wasn’t going to let him get away.

 I  watched him for a bit then pulled my foot away from him so I could play with his zipper using my big toe. “I think you liked that more then I did,” I said smiling at him and he blushed. Popped open his button and managed to hook the zipper in between my toes so I could pull it down. He put his hand on me to stop me and I told him to take his dick out for me. I promised I’d make that aching pain go away.

 He hesitated but my foot rubbing on him was too much and I saw his dick for the first time.

He was long and thick and I put my feet around him. Sliding my toes over it. He was warm and throbbing between my feet as I began to move them up and down. He gasped and pushed back against the couch as I went faster, giving him a footjob like a pro.

I put more pressure near the head and kept up the pace as his hands reached for me. He clasped them over my feet as he whined in the back of his throat and I swear his dick got even bigger as I jerked it. His body tensed up and I watched as he came all over my feet.

 He looked so happy and I kept my feet on him until he started to get soft. I bet next time he’ll be offering to give ME a massage and from now on he’d be looking after me.

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