Adriana Gives Him Total Submission

Total submission is what he want it from him. I must say I was a bit afraid. I am submissive but give complete control to someone is difficult. The rules weren’t at all simple. They ranged from not cumming without his permission to him having to approve places that I can go and the clothes I can wear. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I won’t lie, I love it.

I start my day by texting him. Letting him know what I am up to at all times is one of the conditions. After having breakfast I send him pictures of my the choices I have to wear. He is the best at that. For some reason knowing that he picked out my outfit always makes me so turned on when I think about it later in the day. The fun always comes when him and I meet up at the end of the day. That is always my favorite. As him and only him can give me what I seek out and crave.

Sometimes it’s being tied up, sometimes it isn’t. It really just is in his mood and if I’ve behaved accordingly. I must admit at times I am naughty just to know what he’ll do to me. Perhaps spank me hard or make me edge till I can not think anymore. It is always about control. He holds control over me and it excites to give it to him. I have been tied up before but there’s something different when I do it with him. Sometimes I can’t hold it any longer and as my pussy lips wrap only a bit pass the tip of his cock I cum. The anticipation makes it much better.

I can not wait to explore more of this lifestyle.

Want to explore it with me?

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