Crave the Sweet Torture of a Sensual Session of Torturous Tease and Denial

I’m gentle, even tender as I restrain you to the chair. I ask you if you’re comfortable, then give you a soft, lingering kiss.  Your exposed cock twitches at the feel of my lips against yours, and I give your now swelling penis a slight caress in acknowledgment of your arousal.  Your pulse quickens in anticipation of the upcoming Torturous Tease and Denial session.

I step away from you so you can drink in my form, taking in the very sexy, sheer black lingerie outfit and all it offers.  It’s one of your favorites. You can see my puckered nipples through the barely-there material. Your cock is rock hard as you take it all in. You can’t help but think to yourself that all BDSM lessons should be this erotic.

I think to myself with a wicked little grin, Let the torturous tease and denial games begin.


As I turn and slowly crawl my way up the bed, I am deliberate in my movements, allowing you to watch my round ass sway back and forth. I settle into the many pillows at the head of the bed and I start to touch myself, gently, teasingly.

I rest my fingertips on top of my breasts, to caress my nipples lightly. Teasing them for both our pleasures. Then more firmly, squeezing, pinching, my hips reacting to my own touch, slowly rising and falling, anticipating the pleasures yet to come… and all under your ever-watchful eye.

Your reactions to my ministrations are pronounced. Blood has rushed to the head of your cock, giving it a deep, reddish hue. It weeps, demanding to be touched as well, but its pleas go on denied.

You see my hand drift down my torso, tracing my curves ever-so-lightly as if my fingertips were a feather.  They find my mound, my slit, spreading my pussy lips for both easy access and allowing you a clear view of my already glistening cunt.

That’s when I lick the finger from my other hand, getting it wet and slippery. You watch as my eyes close slightly as I slide my now glistening finger down to my slit. down and up again, finding my clit.

A soft groan escapes my parted lips as I make small teasing circles of my swelling organ.


Then they dip into my wetness, coating my fingers with my own juices, adding lubrication to my already furious masturbating.  You don’t think you can take any more as your cock is dribbling pre-cum at a steady pace now.

Unsurprisingly, The color of its head is turning from a deep red to an even deeper shade of purple. Your balls start to reach a torturous level. In fact, those swollen and engorged balls are taking on a bluish hue.


But take it you will. I have all night long, and a captive audience. I have so many more ways to tease yet deny you your sweet release – each more interesting and deviant than the last.


Let me taunt you with an exquisite yet torturous session of Torturous Tease and Denial phone sex

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Your Free Sex Story & Torturous Tease and Denial Guru,

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